Northern Aid Convoy Leaves Soon

There is a vehicle going up to the Northern Parts of the Kingdom on Monday 12 September. The objective is to deliver Frying oil to Richard Hogarth for his new venture selling chips to the radio activity monitors that wander the beach. However there is room on board to take any aid supplies the Village might want to send up. It is almost winter there at the moment and it is to be expected they will probably be cut off soon by either Snow, Ice or Flood water. If you have finished knitting Balaclavas and Mittens I would be delighted to take them up as extra baggage. I regret it is not a viable proposition to take up firewood and in any case they have told me they quite enjoy scraping the rime off the inside of their windows when it does get cool. So, anything you want delivered to the Hogarth’s please contact Paul Brewer.


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