Rutland Welcomes You

This website has been developed by Rutland County Council working with town and parish councils, and local businesses.

It’s part of the ‘Open for Business’ campaign to welcome residents and visitors back to Rutland’s towns following the Covid-19 lockdown.

It’s aim is to support the safe reopening of Rutland’s high streets, providing information on what changes to expect, along with details of each business’ opening hours and the measures they are putting in place to ensure safe shopping.

We hope it offers useful information for local people and visitors, as well as supporting our hard-working local businesses.

Cllr Lucy Stephenson is Rutland County Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for Culture and Leisure, Highways, Transportation & Road Safety. She explains: “We’re delighted to be in a position to reopen our high streets and welcome shoppers back. Lockdown has been very challenging but with the Council, residents and local businesses pulling together, we’ve been able to reach this milestone.

“Things will be a little different at first, with some temporary measures in place to ensure safe shopping for all parties. It’s vital we all do our bit to follow the rules, protect ourselves and each other.

“Local businesses and retail staff have been vital for so many of us over the last few months, keeping us stocked with essentials and keeping our spirits up. This is an opportunity to keep supporting them as we continue to ease out of lockdown. It’s time to restart Rutland’s economy.

“We’ll be monitoring the situation closely and if safety guidelines aren’t being followed, we’ll step in and take action.”

The ‘Open for Business’ campaign has been funded through the Government’s Reopening High Streets Safely Fund. There are stringent rules on how the funding must be spent and the overall aim is to establish a safe trading environment for businesses and customers. The funding is part of the European Regional Development Fund which aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union

Fight 4 Rutland

We are pleased to advise you of the launch of Fight4Rutland.

Fight4Rutland (F4R) is a local campaign group of Rutlanders dedicated to achieving the best for Rutland and Rutlanders in every way and opposes the disastrous over-development planned for St George’s Barracks (SGB). Over 2,300 houses slap bang in between North Luffenham, Edith Weston and Normanton and next to Rutland Water, in a Local Plan seemingly driven entirely by the MOD and Rutland County Council (RCC) in the face of widespread opposition from Rutlanders.

F4R is campaigning for a reasonable plan that would benefit our local communities, wildlife and tourism instead of  damaging this by creating a dormitory town of 2,300 plus houses.  We are also concerned about RCC’s increasingly anti-democratic position, refusing to currently allow public presentation of deputations or questions, (zoom attendance is allowed but no other participation) and generally appearing to be trying to force the development through at any cost and regardless of the changing socio-economic profile of the UK, including Rutland, following the Covid-19 crisis.

Herewith the links to our website , our FaceBook page and our Twitter feed  All will be regularly and frequently updated as the fight for Rutland progresses.

Best Wishes

The Fight4Rutland Campaign Team

The Story so Far


St George’s Barracks (SGB) ‘Garden village’ /Township

SGB, proposed by Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Homes England supported by Sir Alan Duncan (former MP), with a massive U-Turn by Rutland County Council (RCC).

What started out in 2017 as a Local Plan with broad support from Rutlanders, has been changed out of all recognition, into a Plan that will build a new Township larger than Uppingham

It is someone else’s problem (what does the MOD do with SGB?).

Looking for a Plan (not the 2017 Plan, a completely different 2018 version to suit)

A Plan with no Vision – RCC will only look at a 50-year County vision in 2021 AFTER the Local plan.

RCC Cabinet/ MOD/ MPDateEveryone else
MOD announces plan to sell SGB site for HousingNov 2016
RCC Draft Local Plan to consultation (SGB NOT included)Aug 2017Plan was broadly accepted by residents BUT is not then formally adopted by RCC
MOD and MP pressure RCC to include SGB in the Local PlanMid 2017
RCC CEO Helen Briggs signs a Confidential Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MODCounty Cllrs are NOT allowed to see the MOUOnly CEO and Council leaders
U -Turn by RCCAnnounced that Local Plan will now include SGB with a Full Public ConsultationNov 2017
Public presentation of “RCC saving Rutland from uncontrolled development by MOD”Village meetings led by Helen Briggs (CEO), Cllr Oliver Hemsley (Leader) and ConsultantsNov 2017Strong vocal opposition from Parish Cllrs and residents presentHelen Briggs and Oliver Hemsley surprised at the level of opposition
Parish Councils Group consultation chaired by Sir Alan Duncan for MOD to present SGBJune 2018Most Parish Council reps voice opposition to SGB and the major change to Local Plan
“It is in the national interest whether RCC like it or not” -Sir Alan Duncan MPIn the local paper – people urged to support the Council’s plans
Specific Public consultation on the Master Plan for SGB (under Reg 18)Aug-Sept 2018 1500 responses – 95% againstRCC one-word response “Noted”In spite of the huge changes to the Local Plan, the whole Plan was not consulted on – only the changes resulting from the inclusion of SGB
Homes Infrastructure Fund (HIF) grant £29.4m awarded in principle. Terms yet to be negotiated and will remain confidential.March 2019
MP Sir Alan Duncan says“This is great news for Rutland”2019£16m of the HIF grant is to de-contaminate the SGB Military base.Road junction upgrades will likely swallow up the rest
County Cllrs demand a full Council debate and vote on the terms of the HIF grantJan 2020Nothing disclosed as @ June 2020
Cabinet narrowly win a vote 15-11 in full Council to submit the Local Plan to Reg 19 process.Feb 2020Fight4Rutland campaign group formed
8-week Public Consultation postponed due to COVID-19 crisisMarch 2020
RCC announces changes to Reg 19 consultation process, so that the Local Plan consultation can be held only on line.Consultation period reduced from 8 to 6 weeksJune 2020Fight4Rutland launches campaignFull Council will not be allowed discuss or vote on the new process
RCC Cabinet announce a 3-week consultation on the change to the “Statement of Community Involvement”June – July 2020This reduces Reg 19 consultation to on line only.The normal practice of making copies available in libraries is suspended.
RCC CEO Helen Briggs will retire.Interim CEO takes over.July 2020
Reg 19 Revised Local Plan Consultation for 6 weeks (reduced from 8 weeks)Aug – Sept 2020Residents will ONLY be able to view plans and comment online.Fight4Rutland campaign website and media will help Rutlanders have a voice
RCC to hold a public consultation on 50-year Vision for Rutland2021This is too late for any meaningful public consultation and involvement
  • The MOD do not care about Rutland – they are only in it for the money from selling SGB
  • Rutland County Council caved into political pressure and are deaf to the voice of Rutlanders
  • Creating a ‘Vision for Rutland’ after committing to a New Town is perverse (‘cart before the horse’)
  • The COVID-19 crisis will create enormous changes for the future – another argument against committing to a New Town now
  • This is the last chance to get RCC to see sense
  • A Township at St George’s barracks will be just 400 metres from the South shore of Rutland water – our Jewel in the crow


Food Bank Donations

David Wood writes:

“Very many thanks to everybody who have given to the Food Bank by leaving donations in the Church porch. We have now sent 8 boxes to the Food Bank in the last four weeks – you are all very generous.

Please keep donations coming – there is continued heavy demand.

In addition, we were able to make a cash donation of £92.50 to the Food Bank from extra donations made for VE Day.

Thank you very much.

David Wood”

Wing Art Competition

From Carolyn Comben:

The winners were: 
Age 9 and under
Age 10-15
Joint winners Hattie and Freya
Joint winners Wendy Dalton and Fiona Cairns
Well done and thank you to everyone who entered the competition and our judges.  We hope to run another one in the future.

Congratulations to children and adults who submitted entries to the fun art competition. What talented people our village people and their relatives are!  I had such pleasure receiving and looking at the imaginative and beautiful wildlife themed entries that I wanted to share them with everyone so here they are.  I hope to display them in the church when it is open again. 

Many thanks to Angela and Mary for their help with judging.


Ages 9 and under

Lucas (age 4

Squirrel by Lola (age 6)

By Poppy (age 6)

Seasons by Darcy (age 8)

Ages 10-15

Emily (age 13)

Freya (age 12)

Hattie ( age 11 )

Amy (age 11)


‘Canine Caffeine’ by Amber-Rose Bedwell


Springtime by Fiona Cairns

Jack Vickerman

Annabelle Brewin

Lyn Walsh

Jess Whight

‘A Moment in Time’ by Shirley Smith

Wendy Dalton


COVID Symptom Study – Additional Tracking for Covid19.

I’ve been taking part in a research project since the outbreak of Covid19 using a symptom tracking app that is using techniques that I used to track the SARS virus nearly 20 years ago when I was in the virus “industry”.

It runs on your smartphone and it takes 1 minute of your time a day to anonymously report how you feel and what new symptoms you have. It has successfully been responsible for identifying a change of taste and smell as a symptom of Covid19.

With the government moving ( at last ) to “track and trace” this app will give independent data to check the progress of the disease. It is being used by the Welsh Government, NHS Wales, the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland – but not Health England who are using their own system. It is also being used in other countries by a total of over 3 million people.

You can download the app at for Apple devices and for Android phones.

It is run by Professor Tim Spector 😦 ) of King’s College London. He says

Logging your health daily is more important than ever and due to the conflicting and unverifiable data from the government system this app might be of interest to others. With lockdown measures easing, there are plenty of new opportunities for ‘R’ to increase. As the weather improves and children and teachers head back to school, more people will come into contact with one another.

The risk of new COVID hotspots emerging is also likely to increase without adequate monitoring. Our app is a crucial early detection tool to understand if there is a risk of a second wave of the virus. It’s is more important than ever that you keep logging daily using our app to help us to detect new COVID hotspots earlier.

Protect your community as lockdown lifts by reporting for yourself and behalf of your children to stop the spread of new infections quicker. We would also like to encourage you to share the app with schools, parent’s associations, and other organisations within your community. The more of us there are using the app daily, the more accurately and quickly we will be able to identify potential hotspots.

How might I keep my kids safe as they return to school?

As children return to school, we know that parents may be wondering how they can protect their children from COVID. We’ve made sure to cover this topic in one of our latest blog posts. Read our six tips for keeping your children safe as they go back to school.

We encourage all parents to take just 1 minute each day to keep using our app to log on behalf of their children. This data will help us better understand how the virus might affect kids and identify potential COVID hotspots as schools reopen.

New incidence data: are the numbers falling?

Last week we published insights into the number of daily new COVID cases are occurring in England. We have now added daily case estimates for Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, which you can find on our website.

Stay well, Professor Tim Spector

Beware – Puppy Scam

We have now had two people who have been directed to “xx
Morcott Road” with the correct postcode to collect their French Bulldog puppy on which they have already paid a deposit.

The supposed owner is somebody who calls herself Donna Rose – who does not then answer her mobile and clearly has no puppies.

It is clearly a scam! This is being reported to the Pets4Home website
and we have contacted the police. We are waiting to see how many more visitors we get!

A French Bulldog

The 100 Club is still alive

As many of you know Wing has, as many villages have, a 100 Club. People can buy shares in this club and once a month there are 3 members who are “picked out of a hat” to win prizes. This is normally done at the Thursday morning coffee morning but in view of Corvid-19 the village hall is closed until further notice. But the draw has been taking place! The winners have been notified but here are the results for the rest of us.

AprilCrissie Roberts46
Lynn Kitson36
Jane Gilmore04
MayJeffy Wood147
Anna Tyler27
Jesse Heyden29

Age UK Telephone and Online Virtual Activity Sessions

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are now offering some virtual sessions as trial. Via telephone or online with Zoom or Skype (using a suitable mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer), each lasting up to 40 minutes

Please let us know if you would like to take part, so far, we are offering: –

  • Virtual Coffee morning via phone or Zoom
  • Virtual Afternoon tea via phone or Zoom
  • Virtual Group meeting via phone or Zoom
  • IT support via phone or Skype
  • Cooking groups online only
  • Seated Exercise online only
  • Music and coffee online only
  • Quiz or Bingo Via phone or Zoom

If you would like to try any of the above or have another suggestion for us to try, please telephone

Yvonne 01572 770324

Penny 01572 822171

If you need help getting Zoom installed on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer we have Digital Champions who can help you over the phone or via Skype

RAS talk is Monday 18th May at 7pm.

Just a reminder that the next RAS talk is tomorrow evening (Monday 18th May) at 7pm

“Growing your 5 a day”! UK vegetable production – current successes and challenges. An illustrated talk.

You can join the talk from 6:45pm using the following link:

Feel free to distribute this link to any family/friends who may be interested in attending the talk.

We have the capacity for 100 people to attend this session so entry is on a first come, first served basis.

Robert Miles will be our host and will be joined by Robin Buck, a Rutland resident who has an extensive vegetable farm and pack house operation just East of Spalding. Robert will be in conversation with Robin on the farm scale production of a wide variety of crops from the conventional, including peas and potatoes to the more exotic, such as artichoke, chicory, mooli and celeriac.

If you have missed any of the previous RAS Zoom talks, you can access them via the following Society webpage:

Art Competition!

Art Competition

Calling all Wing children, grandchildren and adults too! Would you like to enter a free, fun art competition with a nature/wildlife theme? Pictures big or small are welcome using any medium you choose. If you don’t have paper or materials to use, please drop Carolyn an email (see below).

Our local artists Mary Rodgers and Angela Harding have kindly agreed to judge the entries with separate categories for children age 9 and under, those aged 10-15 and adults.

The best entries will be published on the Wing village website and the winning entry for each category will receive a £10 gift voucher plus goodies from Angela’s merchandise. When open again we would like to display the art in the church.

Please deliver entries with your name on the back and age (children only) into the porch at 2 Westhorpe Close by Saturday 30 May please.


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