Birch Good Neighbour Scheme for Wing Village



The name of the organisation shall be the Wing Birch Good Neighbour scheme, hereafter called the ‘Group’.


The purpose of the Group shall be to:

Provide short-term help to the residents of Wing in the county of Rutland, including transport, domestic support and household assistance, by the use of local volunteers.

The Group shall also endeavour to encourage self-help, friendship and neighbourliness within the local community.

To ensure that as far as possible, projects are carried out in line with the wishes of the community.


The Group will be managed as a sub-committee of Wing Village Hall Management Committee.

The Management Committee Officers i.e. Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, will act in the same capacity for the Group.

The Group will be a standing Agenda item at Wing Village Hall Management Committee meetings. A report of its activities will be included in the Village Hall AGM.

Membership is open to all Wing residents willing to volunteer their services to the Group.

Members will agree to a DBS check before being accepted on the Volunteer Register


Shall be an Agenda item at Wing Village Hall Management Committee meetings.

A Quarterly open meeting will give members and residents an opportunity for progress and problems to be reported and good practice to be shared.

Meetings will have an Agenda and Minutes. These will be circulated to members and posted on the website.

Only Members will be able to vote.

A Quorum shall be 4 registered individuals.


Changes can be made, initially on application to the Chairman, who will make an Agenda item at a subsequent meeting.

At the meeting, changes will be ratified by at least 4 members, who are unrelated to the applicant.

The meeting must be Quorate before a vote can be taken.


The Treasurer shall:

Open a bank account in the name of the Group with 2 unrelated signatories.

Keep accurate records of transactions and provide such records for annual audit as required, making specific records for funding secured through Rutland Voluntary Services.

Make financial accounts available to the community in public places annually.


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