Using the Good Neighbours Scheme

If you believe you have a requirement for the service please phone:

07539 707623

The volunteer responsible for holding this mobile phone will then either take the call or pick up a message. They will take your personal details (name, address, phone number) as well as the nature of your request. They will inform you whether or not your request is suitable for the Scheme.

You may be told that the request is outside the remit of the Scheme but where possible the volunteer will refer you to other agencies on the contact list if appropriate.

If the volunteer agrees to the request they will ask for more details of the nature of your requirements. They will then arrange for a suitable volunteer to attend within a reasonable time scale. Please do remember that volunteers may be working or unavailable to assist at short notice and there may be some delay in responding to your request.

The mobile phone holder will identify a suitable volunteer and call you back with their name and details of when they will attend.

A volunteer will attend to deal with your task. All volunteers are cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service and are authorised to attend your property. If your request is for transport you are responsible for the expenses incurred by the driver for fuel and parking. Mileage is charged at 45 pence per mile and needs to be paid directly to the driver at the time of using the service.

Once the task is complete, please call the mobile phone number to leave a message or inform the volunteer that the task has been satisfactorily completed.

This is not a professional service and no work undertaken is done so in any professional capacity.

2 thoughts on “Using the Good Neighbours Scheme”

  1. Hello

    Please can you help – I have tried the number twice, it doesn’t seem to want to connect – I have tried all avenues to contact a person called Judith Oakley of 6 Top Street, Wing, and then remembered your GNS. My name is Jayne Lowe of 6 Top Street, Exton – three big and heavy parcels have been delivered to my address, in my absence, intended for Judith. I have attempted to organise them to be sent back to source, to no avail. Would you be so kind as to contact Judith on my behalf, in order for her to re-schedule the delivery please? I would be most grateful.

    With kind regards




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