Minutes 2 March 2015


PRESENT:  Paul, Kaz, Anne, Mary, Joanne(chair), Brian, Sally, Richard.

APOLOGIES: Nick, Chris

Joanne introduced Sara O’Boyle to the committee who has been very busy helping organise the Spring Craft Fair

MINUTES: Of the last meeting were approved by the committee and signed off by Joanne.


Sally reported on the Good Neighbour scheme meeting with 25 attending and most willing to volunteer this was very encouraging, a questionnaire will be sent out asking about certain skills/help that can be called upon, this is to be kept to a very basic level i.e non professional.

There will be no guarantee of help being given but hopefully all calls will be fulfilled. Each volunteer should be covered by their own personal public liability.

The Birch family have bequeathed a gift to the community centre of £400, it was decided that it should be used to set up this scheme as a fitting memorial to Ray and Gladys Birch who supported the village hall for many years. There was a unanimous vote in support of this, suggestions that it should be called the Birch Good Neighbour Scheme were discussed and agreed on.

Sally is to send out a form outlining the costs involved, such as mileage charges for those who use the scheme these should be kept to a minimum, it is hoped that this scheme will be launched by Easter with help and support from other villages in the area.



John Oakley  has sadly been taken ill, his daughter ran some sessions but has been decided to put future sessions on hold for the present.

The lawn mower has proved to be in good working order Nick kindly paid for the service and seems to be running well.



Parish Contribution to Insurance costs: Richard had asked the PC for a contribution towards these costs to no avail, although this was disappointing it was thought that the village Hall had enough funds to continue paying and that one idea put forward was to add this to the precept to relieve the pressure of fund raising in the future.

Paul has written to the insurers for clarification of our cover. It was noted that cover included playing field equipment, already covered by the Parish Council they explained that play equipment was standard and removing it would not reduce the premium



Costs for the equipment needed : Paul has purchased his own equipment and has informed the committee that approx 100 items tested average out at £3.50 each stickers will need to be applied as the items are tested with a written record of time and date of tests.Paul would like to have one other person trained up to assist him with this. It was agreed to allow him to carry out these tests with his equipment at an even more reduced cost.

Brian was concerned with insurance issues, he will speak to Jeanette as to her wishes regarding the Pat testing for the quilters.

Lighting: Paul sent an email around regarding the progress with the lighting he has worked out there is a saving of 2kWatts using LED lights which is quite a lot. Total costs of upgrading and mending fittings etc are £544.

The suspended lights in the main hall are held up by their supply cables, he does not consider this as being strong enough. He will arrange for them to be modified and given strengthened supports.

Richard gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the committee for all Paul’s hard work recently. Also with assisting Joanne with the H&S checks, the alarm and emergency lighting tests and fridge freezer tests are all up to date.


Sarah has provided Joanne with some very good ideas re fund raising for the Spring Fair with 20 stall holders booked and paid for with a book signing a cookery demo and a bake off!

Helpers needed approx 15 volunteers needed for the kitchen. Rob Persani to promote it on Radio and Rutland living to mention the date.

Thank you to Sarah for all her help.

JAZZ : 28th June costs per head £7 with U12 free.


David Hill has a visiting guest from Austria and would like to hold an event at The Old Hall proceeds to be split between the Hall and the Church, Alice Hill has kindly offered to organise this with help from the committee.


100 CLUB: will be drawn on Thursday 5th, the yearly charge will be raised to £15.


Gordon Roland has been in touch with Paul and has agreed to audit the accounts and is advising him on a new system for accounting.

CA- £3696.78

DA- £8151.12

There has been an Electricity overpayment of £933, Paul is to obtain a refund.

Brian is to discuss with Paul Combden re the Solar input and repayment scheme back to Friends of the Earth


BUILDING MAINTENANCE : Nothing to report.


Chris has sadly handed in her resignation as bookings clerk due to family commitments but is happy to continue until someone is found to replace her, a huge thank you was given for her hard work over the last few years.

Sally has looked into an on line bookings system suited to a village hall set up, she will report back at the next meeting.

A new bookings clerk or a job share is needed, Joanne is to find out how many hours on average is spent doing this job.



Jeanette has asked Joanne if Stewart Hamblin can keep his yoga chairs in the hall as he now has 3 classes it was agreed it would not be a problem.

Easy Fund raising: John Oakley has sent around the info regarding this, there have been a few teething problems so it was decided to put this on hold until John recovers fully.




Volunteers are being advertised for through the parish magazine, it will commence on the May bank holiday, Joanne has this in hand. A rota will go up soon.



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