Special Conditions



As a hirer of the above premises, it is important that you are prepared to take responsibility for Fire Safety in this Hall, for the duration of the hire.

A list of the people attending the function to be kept with you, so that, if in the event of an emergency and an evacuation is necessary, a roll call can take place and all persons accounted for.


1 Ensure that you have access to a fully charged mobile phone, as there is no public telephone on the premises, and you need to contact the Fire Service in the event of a fire.

2 Check all exit doors are unlocked and the push bar mechanism tested and in good working order.

3 Escape routes are free from obstruction and available for use.

4 All fire doors are closed and not wedged or propped open.

5 Fire extinguishers are in place and unobstructed.

6 There is no combustible storage in areas open to the public.

7 Location of the fire escape routes.

8 Evacuation procedure to reach the assembly point.

9 The location and how to isolate power supply, should this be necessary in the event of a fire.

Do not attempt this action if you consider this procedure could endanger life.

10 Exit signs are clearly visible.

11 In bad light or darkness, ensure that the external lights are switched ON. The internal switches marked with RED DOTS are located (i) by the main doors, (ii) by the kitchen door and (iii) by the emergency exit and disabled entrance/exit door.


12 Any accidents should be entered in the Accident Book.

13 Search for smouldering fires.

14 Check that the blower switch on the storage heaters (as shown by Chris Howarth) has been turned off, but do not turn off at the main switch or alter any temperature dials on the Storage heaters. If the cooker has been used, make sure the dials are in the OFF position but do not switch off at the mains.

15 Check that all electrical appliances are switched OFF i.e. Water heaters in the kitchen.

16 Check throughout the building that all lights are OFF.

17 Close all internal doors on your way out.

18 Secure all outside doors, as shown, and return the key to the hook in the porch of No. 7 Morcott Road, or post through the letterbox after 2300 hours.



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