What is the Good Neighbours Scheme

The Birch Good Neighbour Scheme (the ‘Scheme’) for Wing has now been launched and is available to all parishioners of the village of Wing in Rutland.

The purpose of the Scheme is to provide simple neighbourly assistance to the residents of Wing.

Services which may be available and which may vary from time to time depending on the volunteers’ availability:

  • Occasional lifts to local towns or hospitals (expenses to be paid to driver);

  • Checking smoke alarms or changing light bulbs;

  • Minor domestic repairs;

  • One off garden tidying for those unable to do it themselves;

  • Befriending someone who is lonely or new to the village;

  • One off assistance with pets;

  • Practical support following surgery or injury;

  • Collection of a prescription;

  • Shopping in an emergency;

  • Form filling.

The Scheme does not provide medical support. Volunteers do not provide services in any professional capacity and the scheme is not intended to replace an emergency service or other local government service running in the area. The spirit of the Scheme is not to take on work that a resident may simply not wish to pay professionally for, it is designed as a simple neighbourly service to help those who find themselves in difficulties and who do not know who to turn to.

The Scheme is set up in line with other nationwide Schemes and is supported by Rutland Voluntary Services. The Scheme has also been provided with funding from a donation by the Birch Family, long time residents of the village.

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