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27. These Forums provide a place to discuss all aspects of life in your own village and in the county of Rutland. You agree to use the site (including forums and message boards) in accordance with the following Community Rules. These apply across this domain:

28. All Forum participants should contribute in English and show respect to others. You are expected to maintain a helpful, respectful tone when posting. Opinions are welcome, but they may not escalate into flaming and rudeness against other forum members or any other party.

29. Refrain from posting unacceptable posts. The following types of posts are not accepted in the  Forums:

  • Spam – We maintain an aggressive no-spam policy. Spam in the forums will be deleted without warning. Spam in the Leicestershire Villages forums context means blatant, offensive, repeated commercial advertising.
  • Personal offences based on age, sex, race, location, cultural background or any other criteria. This site is available to a global audience. Cultures, opinions and traditions differ, and the forums are a place for their cooperation, not clashes.
  • Political flames – Forum participants have different backgrounds and political views. Flaming each other based on these helps no one and will be halted by the forum administrator.
  • Unlawful acts – Inciting violent or felonious acts, or providing content with a subjective intention or knowledge that it will be used for, or in furtherance of, any criminal purpose is also prohibited. Such posts will be moved offline and referred to proper legal channels.

30. We advise that you never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (for example: telephone number, postal address, home address or email address or any other details that would allow you to be personally identified).

31. Please help in maintaining these forums. If you notice novice users behaving improperly, give them guidance. If you see specific cases of abuse, rudeness or other violations of this policy, feel free to bring it to the attention of the admin team through the REPORT button.

32. If you breach these Community Rules:
If you fail to abide by these Community Rules you will be sent an email which informs you why your contribution has been refused or edited. This email will also include a warning that continuing to break the rules may result in action being taken against your account(s). This action may include a temporary or permanent suspension of your ability to participate in any or all community areas.

33. Wing Village Hall Committee reserves the right to delete any contribution, or take action against any user account, at any time, for any reason.

34. If you have any queries please contact us at

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