It’s Christmas!

Today is the prime holiday in the calendar. May you all have a very happy day especially those who are lucky enough to be with friends and family.

If you have a neighbour who is alone remember to call on them and make the day a little brighter for them too.

For those of you with a family that can’t be with you, you can speak to them or even see them for free using Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype or any of the many free apps that are available on your computer or smartphone. Merry Christmas To You All in Wing!

100 Club Christmas Grand Draw

The 100 Club organiser, after much thought decided that this year the boat should be pushed out to attract the serious investor. Whilst £25 is a useful amount even today, £100 really is enough to start a small business or buy an Automobile.

A very closely observed draw  saw the third prize go to No. 37, Rosalind King. The second prize went to No. 6, Mick Rodgers, Mary was heard later telling him he could not go on a world cruise.

After much rolling of drums the first prize drawn from the Christmas sack was No. 44 Robina Curley of Wing Hall.

Below is a photograph of the Draw organiser presenting the prize to Robina. The other figure is your occasional society reporter and bodyguard. Prizes were given in cash so an armoured van had to be hired for the presentation. A mistake as it could not negotiate the ice in Wing. The monies were delivered on foot, the couriers changing into working clothes so as not to attract attention.

Robin 100Club winner g


Help us to keep its unique character

OK2WAY Action Group

One Way? … No Way!

Oakham does not want to look like Milton Keynes or Disneyland!!

This one-way proposal will create:

  • congested traffic around unsuitable side streets;
  • hazards for those who walk into town;
  • noise and air pollution in residential streets.

It will provide 30 fewer parking spaces for visitors.

Local shops are 90% against the idea.



[Although the petition has been handed in with around 3000 signatures it will continue to run online until mid-March 2018]

Rutlanders! There is no £2 million grant!

In June this year Rutland County Council bid for over £2 million from the Department for Transport towards the £3 million cost of a one-way system and regeneration scheme for Oakham town centre. The application was unsuccessful and there will be not DfT grant for this project.

The Chief Executive Officer and the leader of the council must have known this since mid-October, but we have seen no public announcement. Why not? What will the council do now? Will it scale down the project as it undertook to do in its bid to the DfT? What consultation will the council now undertake? Or will it blithely push ahead with the original plans, despite the rapidly rising tide of discontent and opposition?

If it goes ahead regardless, where will the missing £2 million come from? What other council projects will have to be abandoned? Which other budgets will be depleted? Will we, as Council Tax payers, now have to underwrite this potentially disastrous scheme which so many residents – and voters – are convinced is a bad idea?

Isn’t it time you asked your County Councillor some very pointed questions?

Tell Uppingham Ward Councillors your views by emailing , &


Wednesday Night is Curry Night!

Actually, it’s Steak night at the Weatsheaf

I and a few other grumpy old men go there every Wednesday and have for a couple of years. The food is always good and the drinks excellent.

However. On the 17th of January we are going to have to cancel our curry night in order to attend the meeting at Wing Village Hall to discuss proposals concerning the Charity Document rules controlling the Hall itself. Our small group have yet to have a serious talk about where we stand but it crosses my mind that many people in the Parish of Wing may not be aware of this document. I am sticking it up here so at least everyone can have a look at it before the meeting. It is difficult reading if you are fairly uneducated like myself but if you are interested in your Hall there are some interesting bits. I can do no more than urge you to plough through it.

I should point out that this is not the current document. It is essentially the same though so for purposes of the discussion better than nothing. I believe the council have an up to date copy of this document but so far I have been unable to get sight of it except across a table.

Charity Commisioners Document