100 Club Christmas Grand Draw

The 100 Club organiser, after much thought decided that this year the boat should be pushed out to attract the serious investor. Whilst £25 is a useful amount even today, £100 really is enough to start a small business or buy an Automobile.

A very closely observed draw  saw the third prize go to No. 37, Rosalind King. The second prize went to No. 6, Mick Rodgers, Mary was heard later telling him he could not go on a world cruise.

After much rolling of drums the first prize drawn from the Christmas sack was No. 44 Robina Curley of Wing Hall.

Below is a photograph of the Draw organiser presenting the prize to Robina. The other figure is your occasional society reporter and bodyguard. Prizes were given in cash so an armoured van had to be hired for the presentation. A mistake as it could not negotiate the ice in Wing. The monies were delivered on foot, the couriers changing into working clothes so as not to attract attention.

Robin 100Club winner g