The Old Methodist ( formerly Wesleyan) Chapel

The Old Methodist ( formerly Wesleyan) Chapel, Middle Street, Wing. If anyone has any information about, memories of, or old photos of the Chapel which they would be happy to share I should be very grateful. As the new owners of the Chapel we are interested in learning all we can about its history and previous appearance, inside and out, and any detail would be helpful. I can be contacted at Chapel Cottage, 16 Middle Street; on 01572 737689; or by e mailing me at

Ride and Stride Wing Style

Ride and Stride Wing Style

The first time that the Ride and Stride event had mobilty scooters entered was 2015 when Cynthia Harris, John Oakley and Paul Brewer stuck their names forward. A novel experience for all of them, the least worried being Cynthia and the most Paul. John was just happy to be out in the fresh air and in the middle of the road.

Here are a few photos of the Ride.

Vulcan Fly pastWe think Sir may have had a hand in the Flypast (possibly the last) of the Vulcan.

Wing Womblers Pilton 1

We forgot the camera till we got to Pilton where this shot was taken. Cynthia was all for going ahead as John’s trundle was so slow.

But we made it.

Wing Womblers Morcott 2

A warm welcome at Morcott. We were offered a selection of biscuits and even the facilities for a comfort break.

Wing Womblers Last Lap 2The run back to Wing was plain sailing once we got up the hill and past the Pilton turning. There was then no stopping John.

Wing Womblers Last Lap 3Apparently, after his Spitfire period, John was deeply into rallying and you can see from the expression on his face this care free run is bringing back old memories.

Wing Womblers Last Lap 4John is working on the aerodynamics of his trundle and body profile. A one piece Glass or Carbon fibre fish shape is on the drawing board at the moment.

In the mean time he is concentrating on occupying the centre of the carriageway.

Wing Womblers Wing Church 6It was with some relief that Wing church hove into sight and Peter’s cheery little face made a pleasant end to a few hours struggle with the vagaries of our electrical carriages and the English weather.

The Gruel pot was apparently lost on the way round.

The Wing’ed Angels

winged angels
Cynthia, John and Paul at Wing Church after the Ride + Stride

The Wing’ed Angels, Cynthia Harris, Paul Brewer and John Oakley, successfully completed their Ride + Stride course on their mobility scooters along the Chater Valley calling at the churches at Lyndon, Pilton and Morcott before returning to Wing. (opens in new window). They were the first team ever to attempt the Ride + Stride on mobility scooters in the history of this bi-annual event.

winged angels 3
The three intrepid travellers outside Pilton church

The traveled a total of 7.93 miles in an elapsed time of 2 hours 40 minutes with stops (1 hour 40 minutes on the move).

The trip was interrupted by a number of minor incidents. Paul got his flag caught in some low-hanging foliage, John had to coax his steed ( “Daphne’, ex-the late lamented Tony Casey) up the hill from the Lyndon road to Pilton when the power indicator dropped to 1 flashing bar out of 10 and Cynthia reached such a speed on the Pilton-Morcott leg that the vibration caused some essential supplies to leap from her basket. Throughout the event Paul, on his high speed cruiser, was the safety officer, keeping us together and going ahead at road junctions to make sure it was safe to proceed.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in a good cause and if the sponsors cough up we will have raised a considerable sum. Details to follow.

Vulcan Fly past
Vulcan Fly past
Wing Womblers Morcott 2
Morcott Church
Wing Womblers Last Lap 3
On the last lap – Morcott to Wing
BBQ Post R and S 2
Surviver’s BBQ

Village Barbecue with Music (“I Survived the Ride + Stride”)

We will be having a Village Barbecue with Music from 5pm on the 12th Sept. at the Village Hall. All are welcome especially participants in the Rutland Ride + Stride event.

We are planning it in the car park (weather permitting).  It is simply a get together for people to have a burger/sausage and a drink at the end of the summer to coincide with the Ride and Stride.  We will ask for a £5 donation for a burger and drink.
Any proceeds split between 2 village amenities (hall and church).

Ride + Stride

Rutland Ride+Stride (opens in a new window) is a sponsored event for cyclists, joggers, walkers and horse riders. The event is held in Rutland once every two years in order to raise money for the preservation of the county’s beautiful and ancient church buildings: some 64 of which will be open on Saturday 12th September 2015.

Participants challenge themselves to visit as many churches as they can by their chosen mode of transport and at the same time raise money to support the work of the Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust. Whilst many of our participants choose to walk or cycle we welcome anyone who is willing to take on a personal challenge. Horse riders are welcome and we’d love to see a unicyle or three-legged team!

Half of what participants raise in sponsorship will be re-allocated specifically to their nominated church (if any) and the other half to the funds of the Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust for general use on churches/chapels in the county of Rutland.

Contact Patrick and Judith Leahy ( 737199 ) for details

If you are interested in taking part then see the details here. (Opens a new window)

Following this there will be a Village Barbecue and Music in the Village Hall.

The Birch Good Neighbours Scheme has started

Following a meeting on 10 September the scheme is now up and running. Anyone with an issue requiring the support of the scheme should call 07539 707623 to speak to a volunteer or leave a message.

Information about the national scheme can be found under the Good Neighbours button on the Wing Main site at