This site is closing at the end of 2022

As I have been announcing all this year on the website, I am retiring from the care and feeding of this site. It will be frozen in time as of 31 Dec 2022 as nobody has volunteered to take over the care and feeding when I stop. I’d like to thank you all for the input you have provided for the last 10 years, and we have over 132,000 views and visitors from over 50 countries. A viewer is someone who just looks at the page, a visitor explores the website.

Depth of colour indicates the frequency of visits. Most of the visitors are from the UK but we are also popular in New Zealand and Patagonia!

The site will remain available as until take it down due to a lack of activity.

Basic drawing kit for Wednesday classes

Basic drawing kit for Wednesday classes

You don’t need all of the above all the time but as a general starting kit this could be what you start collecting.

For the Wednesday evening classes in the near future you will need some Red, Blue, yellow and white paint, either Acrylic or Gouache. Along with the paint it would be good if you could get a couple of filbert brushes size 3 and 6. Filbert brushes are the same shape as your hand, wide from one viewpoint and flat the other. Don’t worry too much if you haven’t got all these things, we can do sharing.

Last Wednesday we didn’t have enough drawing boards for everyone. A piece of stiff cardboard big enough to take an A3 size piece of paper, would make a perfectly adequate drawing board. Have a look in the garage, there might be something you could use as a drawing board in there.

The Wing Drawing Project

Wing draws Wing.

Ian Newsham

I am proposing to run an art/drawing project where the people of Wing are both the drawers and the subject of the drawings.

Everybody has a story, and they are all interesting. The subject of the drawing tells their story and that is noted beside each drawing.

These drawings with their associated stories will be put into large A1 sized picture frames and hung on the village Hall walls. These pictures will be a snapshot, a record of the people living in Wing drawn by the people who live in Wing.

I know apart from what we look like, the concern most people will have, will relate to their drawing ability. Many people will say,

“I can’t draw”. “I can’t draw a straight line”. “I’ve not drawn since I left school”, etc, etc.

I am the recently retired associate professor of drawing from De Montfort University, and I have taught drawing since 1979 to students who in many cases have been reluctant learners with a huge fear of failure. I see no difference between the reluctant students and the people of Wing. I enjoy the challenge and the purpose of this project isn’t to make “good” drawings, it is to tell a story, have a good time and learn something while we are doing it. So “I can’t draw”, doesn’t count, and anyway we need both people to draw and be drawn. We are all going to be on both sides of the easel, and nobody will be making any judgements, there can be no failure, only a failure to join in.

I envisage laughter, embarrassment, surprise, and cups of tea at the drawing sessions, which It will happen on Wednesday evenings in the Village Hall between 7 and 9pm.

Starting on Wednesday 26th October

Some basic materials will be provided.

Please try to bring a pencil to draw with, preferably a soft pencil (4b-ish).

Ian Newsham

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