New Urgent Care Opening Times At Oakham Hospital

For people outside of Leicester city – in Leicestershire county and in Rutland – there are urgent care centres. These offer a range of treatment for minor illnesses and injuries including, cuts, stomach upsets, burns and strains. You will be seen by an experienced nurse, without an appointment. You do not need to be registered to attend these services. X-ray is available at some locations. There are five such centres in Leicestershire and Rutland.

New opening hours for urgent care services in East Leicestershire and Rutland

From 1 April 2019, urgent care services will be open for longer. When GP surgeries close at 6:30pm, the urgent care services will open, making it much clearer for patients where to go, and when.  The change also brings much greater efficiency and reduces overlap in hours between GP surgeries and urgent care services.

From the same date, these new opening hours also apply to the new Enderby Urgent Care Centre, based at Enderby Leisure Centre.

The new opening times are listed below.

Area Location Weekdays Weekends & Bank Holidays
Blaby Enderby Leisure Centre 6:30pm – 9pm 9am – 7pm
Lutterworth Feilding Palmer Hospital No change (In-hours care via GP practice, no evening service) 9am – 7pm
Market Harborough St Luke’s Hospital 6:30pm – 9pm 9am – 7pm
Melton Mowbray Melton Hospital 6:30pm – 9pm 9am – 7pm
Oadby Oadby Walk-in Centre 8am – 9pm 8am – 8pm
Oakham Rutland Memorial Hospital 6:30pm – 9pm 9am – 7pm


New Urgent Care Opening Times At Oakham Hospital

The East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG has decided that Oakham’s Rutland Memorial Hospital will be open on weekdays from 6.30pm to 9pm and weekends and bank holidays from 9am to 7pm for patients using the 911 service, GP referrals or requiring walk-in urgent treatment.

Urgent care services, which offer appointments with a GP or Nurse, can be accessed by patients if they need medical attention for conditions which are not life-threatening.

Tim Sacks, Chief Operating Officer, at ELR Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Local people have told us that having services close to home is important to them.

“They’ve also told us that services need to be simpler so its clearer where they need to go when they have an urgent care need.

“We’ve listened and are changing the opening hours of some of our urgent care centres so that they are open when local GP practices close, making it simpler for people to know which service to go to when.

“We believe the changes will help to improve access to urgent care services for all of our patients but should also ease the pressure on our accident and emergency departments.”

The new services across East Leicestershire and Rutland will be provided by DHU Health Care and the East Leicestershire and Rutland GP Federation following a procurement process.

The Managing Director of DHU Urgent Care Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, Simon Harris said: “We are proud to be the delivery partners to operate and manage the out of hours services across East Leicestershire and Rutland.

“We’re looking forward to offering patients the benefits of our experience running urgent care services which are joined up with NHS111 to give people access to a range of out of hours care that meets their needs.”

ELR CCG is formed of GPs from 31 practices in the south and east of Leicestershire and Rutland serving around 327,000 patients.

It is led by a Governing Body comprising elected GP members, a secondary care clinician and lead nurse, independent lay members, representatives of Healthwatch and senior managers.

It is supported by a team of staff overseeing the daily business of the CCG.

All Our Yesterdays

I’ve lived in Wing for nearly 20 years but I’ve been coming to events in the village since my sister-in-law Sheila Casey started running the village shop some 50 years ago. I’ve noticed that over the years the community spirit has eroded. This is probably due to the increase in TV choice in the home, the loss of one of the pubs and the ageing population so that there is less reason to leave our firesides and gather together as a community.

But not all is not yet lost. Yesterday we had a fund-raising lunch to sponsor one of our younger residents, Siobhan, who has gained a place in the London Marathon organised by the WI and over 50 people attended ( and raised over £400 ).

In 2 weeks, on 13th April, Gloria, one of the senior residents, is organising a 3-mile run/walk/crawl/bike/mobility scooter event – with refreshments – for the whole community to also support Siobhan.

This is raising the community spirit! At the lunch Joanne remarked that it was great to see the village responding to an event that was for the community and not simply to raise funds for the care and feeding of our wonderful Village Hall which, although it needs money to keep it in good condition, is NOT the centre of the community; it is the residents that are.

Is there anyone in the village who could organise an event for a cause of their own that could bring back the community spirit? Could we all get together for an evening of excerpts from the wonderful pantos we used to have? A sports day (suitable for the current demographic) for example. Any ideas are welcome.

Use to have a discussion if you live in the village.

John Oakley

Parish Council Elections – May 2

Information for Candidates and Agents

Here you will find information for prospective candidates wanting to stand in May’s local elections and their election agents.

Nomination Packs

You can obtain a nomination pack from Bryan Spooner, Wing Lodge, Middle St, Wing ( 01572 737281 ), the Council Offices or download and print a County Councillor or Parish Councillor pack yourself here.

The covering letter gives specific details on when and how to return nomination papers.

Please remember, nomination packs must be returned by hand by no later than 4.00pm on 3 April 2019.

Election Timetable

The local government election timetable for the 2nd May shows key dates including the deadline when nominations can be accepted, the last date for registration application and absent vote applications.

Postal Vote Opening

Postal votes received at the council are opened during postal votes opening sessions which candidates and their agents will be invited to.

These sessions are not open to the public.  Postal votes opening sessions are due to take place at 11.00am on:

  • 17 April 2019
  • 23 April 2019
  • 25 April 2019
  • 1 May 2019

All sessions will take place in the Council Chamber at Catmose.

A further session will take place on Polling Day (2 May 2019) at 12.00pm.

Verification and Counting of Votes

The counting of votes will take place in Oakham at Victoria Hall at 10.00am on Friday 3 May 2019, the day after the election.

While we will do our best to complete the count on the Friday, depending on how many Council Wards and parishes are contested, it may require us to continue the count on the Saturday.

The count is a closed event attended by invitation only, but it is something that many candidates and agents will wish to attend.

Further Information

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us by emailing:

Alternatively, please call: 01572 720907 or 01572 758385.

Recruitment of new Parish Clerk to Wing Parish Council

The post of Parish clerk to Wing Parish Council will be vacant from 1 June 2019.

Applications, preferably from the local area, are invited to fill this position. See the ‘Job Application Pack’ below for this notice.

Deadline 12.00 noon Wednesday 24 April 2019.

The application form can be obtained from Bryan Spooner, Wing Lodge, Middle St, Wing or downloaded from Wing Parish Clerk vacancy application form

Litter Louts

From Linda Clark, Wing
We don’t have to put up with this!

A world-wide problem!

Some of us are taking a bin bag on our walks and picking this crap up but we shouldn’t have to. If you see the perpetrators get their numbers and report them!

Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.52.42
January 13th. Wing Hollow to Preston junction, right hand side only.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.57.27
20th March. Three Stella Artois cans from Wing Hall entrance to Top Street.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.56.40
9th March 14 Stella Artois cans from beyond Mill Close to junction back towards Wing Preston at top of hill.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.55.52
28th February. Buttonhole
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.55.14
23rd Feb.Wing Hollow to Top Street/Reeves Lane.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.54.11
11th February Wing hollow to Top Street. 2h Stella Artois 2 Guiness
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.53.34
Friday 25th Jan. Wing Hollow to Reeves Lane

The London Marathon – Sunday 28th April 2019

An Invitation from Gloria Whight

On May 10th 2003 I did The Moonwalk in London, and the Village generously sponsored me during my training by doing a village moonwalk around the Buttonhole.

This year I am asking you to sponsor Siobhan Reilly, a young Wing resident, who is currently training to take part in The London Marathon for her chosen Charity – The Woodland Trust.

I am, therefore, inviting and challenging you to take part in an aMAZEing Mini-Marathon on Saturday 13th April, starting at 10.30a.m. around the Buttonhole from the Maze and finishing there for a mini-brunch. Siobhan will be joining you – the walkers, runners, cyclists, dog walkers, etc. – as part of her training.

The Woodland Trust is the U.K.’s largest Conservation Charity, which protects, creates and restores the U.K.’s woodland for the benefit of people and wildlife


We are very grateful for your support. Like many charities, we are totally reliant on your generosity to maintain our level of service to Rutland Residents. Any ideas or, offers of support, or of sponsorship that will help to fund our activities are MOST GRATEFULLY received.

Fancy becoming a volunteer ? Give us a call to find out more.

6 MAY come and support us at BRAUNSTON FAYRE

15 MAY. Play BRIDGE? Why not bring a table of friends to our afternoon tea and Bridge in Manton

6 JULY. Our popular STRAWBERRY TEA returns at the hospice in Ridlington.

3 OCTOBER GOLF DAY at Rutland Golf club. Sponsorship and raffle prizes would be so welcome.

7-13 OCTOBER HOSPICE CARE WEEK. We will be offering Tea at 3 once more.

12 OCTOBER. Last year we launched a LANTERN WALK round Oakham. Participants loved it! it is a family event, a maximum of 3 miles. PLEASE Save the date. Can you get some sponsorship? Would your child’s s school get involved? We would Love more walkers and sponsors to make this fun event a real success. Please help. Please keep these dates, if you can, we need YOUR support to support OUR guests and their families.

For more information, please call 01572 722630

From the Heart of Rutland

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