Wing Safari Supper

Saturday 24th September 7pm

All are welcome to this ever popular village event. Prompt booking is advised.

Tickets 20.00 per person available in advance from Helen Bateman tel: 737499.

Please inform us of any dietary requirements.

Offers to host a starter or main course gratefully received. Please email

In aid of Wing Church

Village Hall Agenda 27 June


27 June at 7:30pm

Circulation    SC  KB  PB RT  PO  AT   JO  MR  JB BS  NK SB RK



Action By

1 Apologies   

Nick Knight


2 Meeting Minutes

Confirmed and Signed as a true record


3 Proposal that Jonathan Bunce be voted onto the Committee

Unable to attend AGM hence extraordinary proposal


3 Matters Arising (Not covered by the agenda)




 4. 100 Club


5 Health and Safety

Update on PAT testing 27 June 2016

Update on COSHH training of new caretaker and NK


6. Care taker Feedback


7. Key Box


5. Building Maintenance   



6. Good Neighbour Scheme

Update on scheme usage


7. Events

 Update following the Queen’s 90th – thank you cards received.


Update following the Summer Concert


Sunday Tea update


Future Events


8. Bookings

Update on current and future bookings.

Review of regular hirer’s annual income.

Discussion of frequent hirer fee incentive


8. Treasurers  Report


9. AOB

Feedback from the Parish Council representatives on the Committee after the last Parish Council  meeting and AGM


10.  Date of Next Meeting  



































































Village Hall Agenda 27 June

Wing Gardens are open in aid of the NGS on June 19th

Also the Open Studios in the gardens of Angela Harding and Mary Rodgers.

Eight very different gardens are open – for map and directions start opposite the Village Hall at Townsend House. Home made refreshments will be served in the Village Hall. Combined admission to all gardens is £5 with children under 16 free.

Please bring your family and friends along to enjoy our lovely village. 11am to 5pm.

Songs For A Summer’s Evening

Songs For Summer’s Evening

The Old Hall, Wing

Saturday 25th June, 2016

David Hill, Chief Conductor of the BBC Singers, will accompany Emma Tring in a selection of repertoire for soprano and piano; there will be something for everyone!


EmEmma-Tringma trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and now studies with Jacqueline Bremar. She has been one of the high sopranos in the BBC Singers for the last 8 years.

Tickets £20 available from Alice Hill, 01572 737516.

Proceeds from the concert will be shared between the Church and the Village Hall.

Wing Celebrates 90th Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen

Queens BirthdayHRH 90th Birthday Celebration

                                                                  THE PARTY ITSELF

For technical reasons there is a hold up with getting shots taken on the day up to the site.

Many of these problems can be laid at the door of the Demon Drink and a slow broadband speed at your correspondents site. As an appetite whetter I have put the following shots up more as a warning to the young than a record of the event.

QB 11

What could be more innocent a scene than Helen and Richard Bateman at the bar.

It isn’t the bartenders though it’s the drink what does it.

QB 25

You would never guess from this shot of your writer that he was only 42! and this after only three drinks. You can see why Tony is trying to get me banned, not just from Reeves Lane but the Western end of the Village. Be warned you young people.

More, much more photographs to come when BT pull their finger out.

While we were all besporting ourselves at the hall, Cynthia, one of the villages Nonagenarians, was stuck in hospital in Rutland memorial Hospital. She would welcome visitors by the way.  Joanne took her in a small presentation cake and gave her all of our best wishes. Cynthia has especially asked that her thanks be passed to all who thought of her and I would add, shame on those that didn’t.

Cynthia Stamford

QB 1 Mary inspecting

There is really only one person in the village who knows how to get the marque together. Mary was away in France and we more or less managed to assemble it. Mary has just given it the once over in this shot.

QB 2 before the crowds

A shot taken before the revellers arrived.

QB 22 nonaganarians

The Guests of Honour, our very own Nonagenarians, Starting with Tony Clark then Dorothy Buckby, Sheila Love is later this year,on the right Dennis Whight,

QB 26 June

June  and David leith, 90 a few weeks ago and Gloria Wight who is still a Sprog.

QB 5 starting to fill up

A shot taken as things started to warm and fill up.

QB 7 nearly full

The marque nearly full, just waiting for Doreen.

QB 31 spithead review

And here she is explaining how she waved the flag at the Spithead Review.

QB 6 guests from Oakham

Some guests from Oakham.

QB 23 happy Jazz

Happy Jazz. We like them and they appear to like us. Everyone said they enjoyed the music.

QB 30 all those cakes

And the cakes are all ours he said!

QB 9 the refined peoples table

Roger the Clock at the refined table, pleasantries over he was busy polishing his thermometer. He assured me it read one degree high but should ensure he and Sylvia didn’t go down with any of Richards famous Salmonella, Royal or not!

QB 35 whos had the cream

Who ate all the cream?

QB 13 toasting HM

Of course the serious business of the day was toasting the Queen, it done with due ceremony, Sally proposing “The Queen”


During most of the day Roger was checking Bryan and Richard’s culinary efforts. “Not had anyone go down with ours” Richard assured him, at least not at an event. Note the wheels. They were square and I assumed they were damaged but Richard said this was to shake up the charcoal. Not been the same since I fitted round ones he complained.

Bryan has let me have some shots he took on the day, no notes so I present them as they arrived.

Just “click” on a photo to enlarge it to full size

Anybody got some photographs taken on the day? Please let John, the Wise Man of Wing, or myself have them and we can share them round on the site.