Urgent message from The Wing Covid -19 Coordinating Group

Dear Neighbour,                                                                     30th March 2020

COVID19 Wing Parish Council Response

The COVID-19 emergency is unprecedented, and requires not only an international and national response, but a connected and coordinated local response too.

Wing Parish Council is preparing to coordinate and provide support where it is most needed within our community and has established a coordination group from across the village.

We want to make a start by collecting information on all those who think they might need some help and support to see them through the current restrictions, and by calling for volunteers to help our effort.

We need every household in Wing Parish to phone 01572 373922.  The phone line is open 24/7.  Your call will be logged, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, between 0900 – 2100hrs.

This work includes the sterling work started by Rhiannon Jones and John Oakley in relation to prescriptions (see the Community Medicines Collections scheme flyer) and will ensure that those who need extra support get it, and don’t slip through the net. In order to do this, we need to identify those that are most vulnerable. We need to find out what their needs are via the above phone number, potentially for the supply of medication, food, social contact whilst social distancing is in place, and any other support that may be required on an individual basis.

Our strategy is to be prepared to take you under our wing.  We will be adaptable to changing circumstances, as this is a very dynamic situation – what you may or may not need now is likely to change as time goes on.

This is the first of a number of actions that we will be taking together to ensure that the parish is both prepared and resilient in the face of the COVID19 pandemic.  We will be updating you with what we intend to do in the future, which will also include a big focus on wellbeing.

Looking forward to speaking to you and ensuring you needs now and in the future are met.

Yours sincerely

Wing COVID 19 Coordinating Group

Susannah Fish – Chair, John Oakley, David Wood, Alice Hill, Rhiannon Jones, Helen Cullen , Jon Roberts                                                             


The bouquet of flowers was from all her village friends bought with some of the donated money. Lovely day. We sang Happy Birthday in the morning when the card from the queen arrived. We gave her the bouquet at 3 pm and sang Happy Birthday once more.
We did our best to make it as memorable as we could .
Look out for notification of ‘re planned party, in the autumn when hopefully we will be free to mingle once more.

Beautiful cake. Sue Hodson is an artist !