Wing Grange circa 1900 – a happy ending!

We received this note this week and thanks to our diligent historian, Joanne Beaver, who never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge of Wing and Rutland, she was able to track down Andy’s grandmother.
Hello Wing
My sister and I are conducting some family tree research and it appears that my grandmother may have worked at the Grange in about 1900.
Can anyone tell me who, or where to look, regarding the ownership of the Grange at that time.
Thanks very much
Andy Murdock <>


Records show that in 1902 the Sheriff of Rutland was William Henry Neill of The Grange, Wing.

I am not sure if is the same building as I was always given to understand that Miss Brocklebank’s father had the current house and buildings built from the same consignment of bricks fired to build St Pancras station.

There is a likeness, the bricks are not typical of other brick buildings in the area.

Did you know that The Rutland Record Society  has a set of pamphlets, Rutland Records. They are all on line. Reference  Rutland Record number 8 . (1988)   is called ‘Who’s Who in Rutland’. It gives information about people like Miss Brocklebank and the Neil family.

Thanks very much Joanne. I picked up that she bought the Grange in 1913. Do you have any idea of the owners before that?


The Brocklebank family owned Wing Grange. Miss Brocklebank still lived at the Grange until the 60s several Wing villagers were employed there. The son of the last gardener still lives in Wing.

They were shareholders / directors  of the railway company ( before British Rail ) that serviced this area. Manton Halt was created so that the family could ring Oakham railway  station to tell the stationmaster to have the train stop at Manton to pick them up…..what style.   You should find the correct Brocklebank via railway records, if all else fails.

Just a note to say we found my grandmother and she was working at the Grange in 1911. We were able to track her down from the ‘Neil’ link.

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