Wing Village Mysteries: Part 1

David Seviour is producing a series of documents of Wing Village Mysteries that have been surfaced by his research for the Neighbourhood Plan.

This one is done in such a way as to demonstrate how residents can help, sometimes inadvertently, to solve historic mysteries that other local historical writers had failed to solve or document.

The first one is here but you can always find them under The Village menu item.


Two public meetings in December gave Wing Residents the opportunity to hear the feedback from the questionnaire. Over 40 residents took the opportunity to hear what their fellow residents thought about living in Wing and what was important to them and their families.

Two additional residents have joined the group to support specific aspects of future work programmes.

We are now moving into the next phase of our work, developing policies and gathering supportive evidence under 3 key areas.

1. Rural Economy, Infrastructure and Transport. Led by Richard Tulloch.   

2. Environment.  Led by John DeJardin.   

3. Housing.  Led by David Seviour.

Minutes, policies, work programmes will be posted on the village website as usual.

If you have any interest in contributing to any of the above please speak  to Chairman, Nicky Lyttleton, Secretary, Jonathan Beaver or myself, Joanne  at

A Parlour Concert with Mister Keith – Sat 23 March

A splendid evening of gentle, quirky, expertly crafted – think Ray Davies, Squeeze – stories and the humour by the self-professed originator of “Victorian Pop”.

With song styles varying from jaunty to slow lament, all carried forward by looting melodies and warm, quintessentially English vocals, the bowler-hatted Mister Keith and his mini-orchestra of multi-instrumentalists invoke memories of times gone by. An intimate little gem.

Britain has a happy knack of producing gently quirky lyrical and narrative song-writing and Mister Keith ( the alias of songwriter Keith Ayling ) represents a new addition to this tradition.

With his Parlour Concerts Mister Keith welcomes all on an intimate musical journey by flickering candlelight using expertly crafted songs, stories and humour references a forgotten era. With a nod to Victoriana and English life, Mister Keith and and his small orchestra of multi-instrumentalists bring the audience into a world of charming, bittersweet and darkly romantic song that invokes memories of times gone by, first love and lost love.

“Poppy and accessible in its acoustic finery … eminately listenable” R2 Magazine

“The best musician in a bowler hat – unless Mr Ben plays the guitar!” Big Comfy Folk Club

Tickets can be ordered from me now on 01572 737394 or – tickets @ 10 pounds each.