The History of our Village

For you historians or people just interested in Wing in days of yore you can do no better than to look at the most authoritative history of the village (1), which can be found on the British History Online website. This is a treasure trove of information about the history of the whole of Britain.

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(1)-‘Parishes: Wing’, in A History of the County of Rutland: Volume 2, ed. William Page (London, 1935), pp. 103-106. British History Online [accessed 28 April 2016].

Afternoon Tea to Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s 90th birthday afternoon tea was held in Wing Village Hall April 21st 2016. 

Many Thanks to all of you for kindly donating sandwiches and cakes. All expenses were covered by money made from 2015 lunches, so the £82 donated at the party is for Sue Ryder, Thorpe Hall Hospice at Peterborough.

Judith Oakley

Afternoon Tea
To Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.
Wing Village Hall
Thursday 21st April 3:30 – 5:30 pm
You are cordially invited to the above event which I am organising with a group of friends.
The cost will be £1.00, to include a free raffle.
If anyone is able to make Sandwiches, Cakes or Scones please contact me – I will reimburse you! Let me know by April 14th if you are able to attend.

Judith 01572 737761                                    

Well. We had the tea, and the Cucumber sandwiches were excellent.

here are some shots taken of the event.

Queens Birthday 2016 a

Alan, on the top table, laying down the law on royal protocol.

Queens Birthday 2016 b

Nice to see Eileen after a while away from us.

Queens Birthday 2016 c

A group of tame Quilters and Roger.

Queens Birthday 2016 d

Roger, relatively happy with the Quilters.

Queens Birthday 2016 e

Never mind the eaters, what about that for a cake stand!

Queens Birthday 2016 f

The foreigners table. Roger moved in with the Harboro gang

Queens Birthday 2016 g

Should have asked John what was so funny.

Queens Birthday 2016 h

They didn’t get a fancy cake stand but nevertheless seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Queens Birthday 2016 j

The assembled tea party.

Queens Birthday 2016 k

Cynthia practising here recruitment pose.

Queens Birthday 2016 m

Them what did for us on the day,Judith of course is TT.

Queens Birthday 2016 n

Look what good teeth I’ve got.

Queens Birthday 2016 s

Dorothy with her solid gold plaque of Buck House.

Queens Birthday 2016 q

And there we all are toasting Her Majesty.

Thanks of course to Judith and her helpers for the superb spread and whoever came up with the bubbly, we did enjoy it!!





The book is now available from the Village Hall Coffee Mornings ,Sunday Teas or from Mary Rodgers
16 Church Street
Tel: 01572737475

The price is £12.00
The proceeds are for the Village Hall.

Also there is a selection of greetings cards available with some of the illustrations from the book and these can be purchased in the Village Hall, from the W I and the PCC. Mary also has a selection in her studio at 16 Church Street.

Urgent Grazing for a Pony

We have received this from Ruth Deane. If anyone can help please call her on Ruth Deane
07980 733241  
send an email to

I am living in Lyndon and desperately seeking some alternative grazing for my pony for 6 months of the year (winter). I wondered if there was anyone locally you might know of who could help please? I don’t know many people in the area and feel a bit cut off from everything.
My landlord Edward Conant has no available land for me in case you might consider this to be an option. So ideally Wing or Pilton would be really helpful.

Thank you so much.

Ruth Deane
07980 733241

Volunteer expertise needed

We are looking for experienced WordPress administrators to help with the running of this site. The two existing volunteers are aged and decrepit and as many schools in the area have WordPress based sites this would be a good opportunity to get some experience of a large community site but it is possible to administer it from anywhere in the world.

We have nearly 10,000 visitors from around the world and 20 – 30 regular visitors a day. There are 150 pages and 162 posts.

It is hosted on the free site and consequently is a subset of the full WordPress platform so volunteers with full WordPress experence will find “easy to maintain/boring as heck” depending your background.

The posts are mirrored on Wing Community Facebook page and @wingrutland Twitter account.

Please email if you or anyone you know is interested.

Do you want to join our Rural Watch scheme?

This is a message sent via Neighbourhood Watch. This information has been sent on behalf of Leicestershire Police
Message sent by
Natalie Proffitt (Police, Corporate Comms, Leicestershire)

Rural Watch is a free scheme set up to support communities in the fight against rural crime.

If you live, work or visit rural communities you are our eyes and ears. Join our police officers and a network of people who share information about crimes in rural areas, and help to reduce opportunities for crime to take place.

Together we can actively take steps to prevent crime, report suspicious incidents and provide education and reassurance on the issues that matter the most to rural communities.


The Way We Were ….


These photos are of Sheila Casey ex-postmistress of Wing, aged 4 in 1938, with her mother Connie Hunt ( nee Bailey) haymaking on their farm Westleigh at Foxton ( or maybe Connie’s father’s farm at Burton Overy).

The second photo, taken in 1906, is of Connie aged 2 with her siblings at Flathouse Farm, Cotesbach. In the photo are (L to R) Doris, Connie and Archie on the horse, Elsie and Bertha.