Litter Louts

From Linda Clark, Wing
We don’t have to put up with this!

Some of us are taking a bin bag on our walks and picking this crap up but we shouldn’t have to. If you see the perpetrators get their numbers and report them!

Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.52.42
January 13th. Wing Hollow to Preston junction, right hand side only.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.57.27
20th March. Three Stella Artois cans from Wing Hall entrance to Top Street.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.56.40
9th March 14 Stella Artois cans from beyond Mill Close to junction back towards Wing Preston at top of hill.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.55.52
28th February. Buttonhole
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.55.14
23rd Feb.Wing Hollow to Top Street/Reeves Lane.
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.54.11
11th February Wing hollow to Top Street. 2h Stella Artois 2 Guiness
Screenshot 2019-03-21 06.53.34
Friday 25th Jan. Wing Hollow to Reeves Lane

The London Marathon – Sunday 28th April 2019

An Invitation from Gloria Whight

On May 10th 2003 I did The Moonwalk in London, and the Village generously sponsored me during my training by doing a village moonwalk around the Buttonhole.

This year I am asking you to sponsor Siobhan Reilly, a young Wing resident, who is currently training to take part in The London Marathon for her chosen Charity – The Woodland Trust.

I am, therefore, inviting and challenging you to take part in an aMAZEing Mini-Marathon on Saturday 13th April, starting at 10.30a.m. around the Buttonhole from the Maze and finishing there for a mini-brunch. Siobhan will be joining you – the walkers, runners, cyclists, dog walkers, etc. – as part of her training.

The Woodland Trust is the U.K.’s largest Conservation Charity, which protects, creates and restores the U.K.’s woodland for the benefit of people and wildlife


We are very grateful for your support. Like many charities, we are totally reliant on your generosity to maintain our level of service to Rutland Residents. Any ideas or, offers of support, or of sponsorship that will help to fund our activities are MOST GRATEFULLY received.

Fancy becoming a volunteer ? Give us a call to find out more.

6 MAY come and support us at BRAUNSTON FAYRE

15 MAY. Play BRIDGE? Why not bring a table of friends to our afternoon tea and Bridge in Manton

6 JULY. Our popular STRAWBERRY TEA returns at the hospice in Ridlington.

3 OCTOBER GOLF DAY at Rutland Golf club. Sponsorship and raffle prizes would be so welcome.

7-13 OCTOBER HOSPICE CARE WEEK. We will be offering Tea at 3 once more.

12 OCTOBER. Last year we launched a LANTERN WALK round Oakham. Participants loved it! it is a family event, a maximum of 3 miles. PLEASE Save the date. Can you get some sponsorship? Would your child’s s school get involved? We would Love more walkers and sponsors to make this fun event a real success. Please help. Please keep these dates, if you can, we need YOUR support to support OUR guests and their families.

For more information, please call 01572 722630