All Our Yesterdays

I’ve lived in Wing for nearly 20 years but I’ve been coming to events in the village since my sister-in-law Sheila Casey started running the village shop some 50 years ago. I’ve noticed that over the years the community spirit has eroded. This is probably due to the increase in TV choice in the home, the loss of one of the pubs and the ageing population so that there is less reason to leave our firesides and gather together as a community.

But not all is not yet lost. Yesterday we had a fund-raising lunch to sponsor one of our younger residents, Siobhan, who has gained a place in the London Marathon organised by the WI and over 50 people attended ( and raised over £400 ).

In 2 weeks, on 13th April, Gloria, one of the senior residents, is organising a 3-mile run/walk/crawl/bike/mobility scooter event – with refreshments – for the whole community to also support Siobhan.

This is raising the community spirit! At the lunch Joanne remarked that it was great to see the village responding to an event that was for the community and not simply to raise funds for the care and feeding of our wonderful Village Hall which, although it needs money to keep it in good condition, is NOT the centre of the community; it is the residents that are.

Is there anyone in the village who could organise an event for a cause of their own that could bring back the community spirit? Could we all get together for an evening of excerpts from the wonderful pantos we used to have? A sports day (suitable for the current demographic) for example. Any ideas are welcome.

Use to have a discussion if you live in the village.

John Oakley