As Bonfire Night approaches please think carefully before setting off any fireworks. There are horses, and also sheep, in the village, not to mention lots of dogs and cats – all of which will be terrified by bangs and whizzes, even if they are not very close to them. This can make horses in particular so frightened that they charge around and damage themselves horribly. There are horses, sheep and other animals very close to all the villages, so please be considerate and lawful.

And please be aware of the dangers to thatched buildings. We here in Wing nearly had an incident last year. It was only the swift action of some residents that prevented a tragedy.

Firework Campaign

STOP PRESS: The RSPCA reporting log has gone live. Please use it to report any problems you have with fireworks/animals.


The government need facts and figures before they take any action. Up to now there have been no official figures because no one is collecting and collating the information. This is an official RSPCA initiative to provide government with the information they need.


Although it may look like a one off survey it can be completed as many times as you need.

We understand that you may want to check it is bona fide before completing so you can find it on the RSPCA website.

From their main page go to the menu and select:

  • Get Involved
    • Campaign
      • Fireworks

Scroll down the page until you see the green box with “share your story”

To anyone trick or treating on Halloween.

Please remember that behind the door you are about to knock on there could be a vulnerable person who is scared to answer the door, maybe a pensioner, a Domestic violence survivor scared it could be their ex, a person with P.T.S.D, someone with dementia or someone who is scared of the outside world. If someone has Halloween decorations up and a pumpkin on the doorstep then go ahead, but leave the unlit, quiet houses alone.