Flying Scotsman

Flying_Scotsman_2005 The great old steam locomotive is passing through Manton Junction on Saturday 4th June between 09:45 am and 10:45 am.

Free Cake 

Flying Scotsman to cross famous railway viaduct as it steams through Northants

By NickBieberHP  |  Posted: May 31, 2016

The Flying Scotsman will stop at Kettering railway station and then steam across Harringworth Viaduct

The famous Flying Scotsman will steam across Northants this weekend on route to York – following its £4.2 million restoration.

On Saturday, June 4 the 1923-built locomotive (No. 60103) will stop off at Kettering to collect passengers as it makes its way to the northern city.

But after visiting Kettering, the engine – which will be hauling the ‘Yorkshireman’ train – will then pass through Corby railway station.

It will steam across the famous Harringworth Viaduct, the longest masonry viaduct in Britain, where the H&P team will be capturing every moment.

This journey from London Victoria is one of a number of dates this year with the Flying Scotsman arranged by ‘Railway Touring Company’.

It will depart from London Victoria before going through St Albans, Luton, Bedford, Kettering and Melton Mowbray and then York.

The train is set to leave London at 6.35am, stop at Kettering train station at 9.40am and then pass over Harringworth Viaduct at around 10am.

After arriving in York at 2pm, it will then make the return journey at 5.10pm, and will steam back across the viaduct at around 8pm while pulled by a diesel locomotive.

Cyril’s Out!

As most people are aware Cyril Armstrong has been in various hospitals in Leicester for what seems like ages.

Yesterday, Saturday 28 May, he was discharged from Hospital and is now convalescing in Manton Residential Home.

I saw him this morning and whilst still fairly weak, as usual, he was quite cheerful and all ears for news of Wing. He would welcome visits from any of his old friends and any new ones who want to pay him a call.

He is to be found at Manton Hall and is free to take visitors from about 10:00 am till early evening. Got to the front door and ring the bell, ask for Cyril Armstrong and you will be escorted to his room where you will find a warm welcome.

We are all hoping he will soon be back amongst us and grace Thursday Coffee morning with his presence.




Some in the Wing Village Community are planning to resurrect the ancient tradition of putting on a Pantomime in January or February 2017!  We are in the early stages of planning but the current candidates are :

What we need is some volunteers now. We will call an initial meeting in the Village Hall in the next few weeks but meanwhile there is a conversation on the Wing Community Group Facebook page for you to volunteer.
For those who don’t use and/or want to use Facebook you can contact me John Oakley 01572 737761 .
We already have volunteers from the US, Canada and Australia to take part via Skype.

What’s For Lunch?

flower   flower

You are invited to come and see  






MAY 26TH 2016


Cost £5

Contact Judith 01572 737761


Money raised from this will go towards the funding of the Oak tree Wing WI are to plant in the playing fields, to commemorate Wing WI’s 90th birthday. The tree will be planted in November.


We now have a Facebook Group

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

As most of my friends and family live, eat and breath Facebook I’ve started a Facebook group Wing Community Group  so that news about Wing becomes part of your life too. “Web sites are so yesterday” a social media expert of my acquaintance said to me at the weekend. So hence this new group.  It is a Closed group – as with the village we don’t want just anyone expressing their opinion – so just send a message to me, John Oakley, using any means at your disposal and I’ll add you to the group.

Once you are a member you can add others.

And then if you have a concern, such as speed though the village, incontinent dogs ( or owners), state of roads or pathways etc. you can voice your opinion – or an idea; there is a lively discussion going on about putting on a panto –  and hopefully discuss it with fellow residents and/or friends.

Let’s get back to the communications we had when Sheila Casey had the Post Office.

Other social media channels will be considered.



Rutland Open Studios 2016 – now in its 10th year

Rutland Open Studios is now in its tenth year and offers an excellent opportunity to visit artists’ studios and see their work.

Open studios is happening again throughout Rutland on June
11th – 12th
18th – 19th
25th – 26th.

Entry is free and details can be found on

There will be a taster exhibition at the during Rutland Show on Sunday June 5th where artists and craftsmen will be demonstrating their skills.

This years brochure will be available from mid April from shops, hotels,
pubs and public information centres.

Two artist are opening their studios in Wing Mary Rodgers and Angela Harding.

Also their studios will be open for Open Gardens on June 19th.

Lets Celebrate Being British

Regardless of the outcome of the EU Referendum we are a British village. So why not celebrate this by putting on a traditional British Pantomime this Christmas. We must have a wealth of talent in the village, many of which have been involved in days of yore in the Village Panto. Surely we can put together a group to keep this tradition alive. It is part of the British culture which we should not let die.

We took our granddaughters to a Panto in Vancouver, Canada, last Christmas and they LOVED it. If a few ex-pats with no experience can entertain a theatre full of neighbours we should be able to do the same or better. Join the discussion on our Facebook page. If you are not a Facebook user, why not? Over half the WORLD is now. We have a closed group ( to keep out half the world ) if you want an invitation to join the group send me, John Oakley, a message any way you would like. Stop me in the street. I still don’t move very fast. But preferably email me at .

Wing Cook Book Goes International – again*

Recently your reporter sent a copy of the Wing Bakes and Cakes cook book to some friends in Germany, a couple who came to my Birthday Bash a century ago. They were the “Mad Cyclists” who Cycled over from their small Town near Kiel. Christa, the distaff side of the partnership, is no mean cook herself and as recipient of the cake she made from the books recipes I can say it is going to do my diet no good at all!

Below is the letter that came with the cake.

International cook book

Below is a shot of what remains, and it isn’t a day old yet!

The cake

It’s an Engadine Nut Cake ( Endaginer Nusstorte) from Jacqueline Stroubinger-Bremar.

A most unusual and delicious construction, difficult to describe. I would say a cross between cake and shortbread biscuit. But then I have had a sheltered life.

I should add here that I am available at almost any time apart from when I am modifying peoples boilers, to give an opinion on almost anything edible from a delicate fairy cake to a humble cheese Sandwich.

* there have already been copies bought in Australia, Canada, US and South Africa.