Afternoon Tea to Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s 90th birthday afternoon tea was held in Wing Village Hall April 21st 2016. 

Many Thanks to all of you for kindly donating sandwiches and cakes. All expenses were covered by money made from 2015 lunches, so the £82 donated at the party is for Sue Ryder, Thorpe Hall Hospice at Peterborough.

Judith Oakley

Afternoon Tea
To Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.
Wing Village Hall
Thursday 21st April 3:30 – 5:30 pm
You are cordially invited to the above event which I am organising with a group of friends.
The cost will be £1.00, to include a free raffle.
If anyone is able to make Sandwiches, Cakes or Scones please contact me – I will reimburse you! Let me know by April 14th if you are able to attend.

Judith 01572 737761                                    

Well. We had the tea, and the Cucumber sandwiches were excellent.

here are some shots taken of the event.

Queens Birthday 2016 a

Alan, on the top table, laying down the law on royal protocol.

Queens Birthday 2016 b

Nice to see Eileen after a while away from us.

Queens Birthday 2016 c

A group of tame Quilters and Roger.

Queens Birthday 2016 d

Roger, relatively happy with the Quilters.

Queens Birthday 2016 e

Never mind the eaters, what about that for a cake stand!

Queens Birthday 2016 f

The foreigners table. Roger moved in with the Harboro gang

Queens Birthday 2016 g

Should have asked John what was so funny.

Queens Birthday 2016 h

They didn’t get a fancy cake stand but nevertheless seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Queens Birthday 2016 j

The assembled tea party.

Queens Birthday 2016 k

Cynthia practising here recruitment pose.

Queens Birthday 2016 m

Them what did for us on the day,Judith of course is TT.

Queens Birthday 2016 n

Look what good teeth I’ve got.

Queens Birthday 2016 s

Dorothy with her solid gold plaque of Buck House.

Queens Birthday 2016 q

And there we all are toasting Her Majesty.

Thanks of course to Judith and her helpers for the superb spread and whoever came up with the bubbly, we did enjoy it!!