Wednesday Night is Curry Night!

Actually, it’s Steak night at the Weatsheaf

I and a few other grumpy old men go there every Wednesday and have for a couple of years. The food is always good and the drinks excellent.

However. On the 17th of January we are going to have to cancel our curry night in order to attend the meeting at Wing Village Hall to discuss proposals concerning the Charity Document rules controlling the Hall itself. Our small group have yet to have a serious talk about where we stand but it crosses my mind that many people in the Parish of Wing may not be aware of this document. I am sticking it up here so at least everyone can have a look at it before the meeting. It is difficult reading if you are fairly uneducated like myself but if you are interested in your Hall there are some interesting bits. I can do no more than urge you to plough through it.

I should point out that this is not the current document. It is essentially the same though so for purposes of the discussion better than nothing. I believe the council have an up to date copy of this document but so far I have been unable to get sight of it except across a table.

Charity Commisioners Document