Birch Good Neighbours Scheme Meeting 7 Jan 2016


7TH January 2016 at 7:30pm


Action By

Present : SAC, JB, PB, MR, MR, AH, CH

1 Apologies

2 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting approved – 10 September 2015.

3. Treasurers Report

No new matters arising. HSBC bank account will be opened shortly. PB to take ID into HSBC. On opening of account money from Birch family will be transferred along with Grant from RCC. A cheque book and paying in book will be available.

4. Usage of Scheme Report

To date the usage has mainly been ‘taxi’ trips for a handful of villagers.

5. Matters Arising (Not covered by the agenda)

  • Clarification was requested as to whether or not the service should be to replace other volunteer services such as RVS? It was generally agreed that the service is as a back up to other services that should be approached first and the scheme is designed to be an emergency volunteer request and not designed to replace other voluntary services in the Rutland area. It was pointed out that these other services often have access to designated parking at hospitals etc.. that our members do not have. Agreed that the call handler should signpost users to other voluntary services if they are more appropriate and the request is not of an emergency nature (i.e. the other voluntary services are unable to attend or help). It was agreed that a comment would be added to the entry in the Parish magazine and website to clarify this.

  • Paula McKillop has provided a comprehensive folder of local services/amenity services. It was agreed most villagers were unaware of the broad scope of services available to Rutland villagers. There is a ‘one point of contact’ number that can be accessed and it was agreed that this number could be published in the Parish magazine and an entry made to raise villagers’ awareness. Generally thought that if a concise version of the pack could be created then it could be distributed to those most in need at a low cost/effort.

  • Various phone numbers were found to be incorrect on the Volunteer list. These have now been corrected. It was raised that it can be rather confusing as to who the call handler should contact and it was agreed that a quick guide may be useful.

The idea of an ‘extra chair Sunday’ was raised to include lonely elderly villagers in a Sunday roast should any volunteer have a ‘free chair’ at their table. It was agreed that this idea could be run past other members to see if they may be interested in doing this and a list of villagers who may benefit from such a scheme be created. Idea to be run past Village Hall Committee as well at next.

6. Date of Next Meeting

To be held just before the Village Hall Committee AGM. Date to be confirmed.

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