Hall Forms

Rather than have everyone getting a stream of emails from the generator of the forms I thought I would place them in a central spot where anyone wanting one can find and download “as required”.

It has been pointed out that some of the terminology used has been missleading, I hope I have corrected that. If you spot an error or  can see a problem do let the Treasurer know.

Monies Request f01

This is the form most people will need to use. The aim with this form is to make the transactions with monies to and from the treasurer easily checked and examined by a scrutineer. To you a scribbled note might make sense but consider how it must appear to the person examining the records at the end of the year! There is the minimum of writing required to complete the form so when you are doing yours do realise If you are asked for name, date or amount, they are important, perhaps not to you but to the system, if you don’t fill the details in someone else will have to. Finally, if possible please keep the form flat, don’t screw it up in a tiny envelope. It is public money so if you want to leave it for me somewhere or post it, as flat as possible and even open.


Coffee Room Tap Flushing Record F04

Event Risk Assesment F05

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