Wing Community and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

This site is hosted by Automattic and this document details their General Data Protection Regulations compliance. 


To ensure that this site is legally compliant contributors must:

  • always consider if their post is appropriate and the information should be written in a suitably professional tone.
  • contributors should not post abusive, obscene, discriminatory, racist, harassing, derogatory or defamatory information.
  • contributors should take care with the content of all posts, as incorrect or improper statements can give rise to claims for discrimination, harassment, defamation, breach of confidentiality or breach of contract. Staff should be aware that this information is being made available to the public domain and should not include anything which would offend or embarrass any reader, or themselves.
  • Web posts may be disclosed in legal proceedings in the same way as paper documents. Deletion from a site does not mean that a post cannot be recovered for the purposes of disclosure. All posts should be treated as potentially retrievable, either from the main server or using specialist software.

In general, editors should not:

  • sell or advertise using our communication systems;
  • agree to terms, enter into contractual commitments or make representations unless appropriate authority has been obtained;
  • download music/photographs and other content on the internet subject to copyright protection, unless it is clear that the owner of such works allows this.  The editor is under a duty to investigate this thoroughly and, if unsure should request authority from the committee and the next committee meeting.

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