Minutes 11 Jan 2016


A warm welcome to PCSO Paul Le Pla from the Rutland South beat. During the meeting he gave us some very good advice on security within the community, he informed us that Beat Reports are sent to the Neighbourhood watch groups every month, this month crime in this area has dropped with December being very low, and good news Wing has a good record of low crime reporting.

Peter Biggs is the local NW representative and will send out reports of any suspicious activities, there is a link http://www.neighbourhoodlink.co.uk that anyone can sign up to.

He also gave out Unwanted caller notices to put in windows, anyone cold calling should have a valid ID and not be let in.

Problem solving includes visiting local village halls to mark expensive goods to enable them to be traced if stolen. High vis patrols in and around the area are being carried out, co-ordinating with NW.

Hare Coursing is becoming a problem and damage is being done to land in Rutland , report anything seen and call 101.

Road Safety is an issue with 5 fatalities recently, improvements to roads is on going and cyclists are being targeted who are not wearing the correct reflective clothing.

Church Watch- in 2011 all 54 churches were risk assessed and residents are being encouraged to report any suspicious activity and be vigilant, CCTV is now being used in some areas, and is inexpensive but there can be issues with monitoring and privacy, usually it is better to get the Police to talk to individuals in the case of damage caused to properties, this is usually a good deterrent.

PCSO Le PLa will keep in touch with the committee and is happy to advise at any time.

PRESENT Sally (in the Chair), Kaz , Joanne,Richard, Bryan, Paul O, Paul B, Mary, Brian, Nick. John O (Skype).

APOLOGIES were received from Anne. (A thank you to the committee from Anne for the flowers was received )

MINUTES The Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November were approved and signed.


Hirings : A decision to stick to current rates was made and it was thought there was no reason to introduce preferential rates.

Sarah is in discussion with a wedding planner wanting to hire the hall over 5 days in August, can we accommodate this request without upsetting the regular bookings?, it was agreed that she find out more about the exact requirements and that we should not cancel any current bookings if any during that period. Also camping on the field we need to discuss this with the Parish Council.

AGM– Date for this meeting will be May 16th at 7.30 followed by regular meeting of committee.

ACCOUNTS will now be examined by Sunita Todd in future due to Gordons resignation, she will meet with him to discuss the handover, Sally will organise a thank you card and a present for Gordons help over the past year.

100 CLUB Winners : 1. Brenda Beaver,2. Fred Beaver, 3. Chris Thorneloe.

HEALTH and SAFETY : Loft ladder has been fixed and it now reaches the floor.

Nick has taken over the monthly H&S checks, JB and NK will both carry out a risk assessment on the 20.01 and 20.03 before the next 2 events. NK and PB will attend the annual meeting with Peter Nicholls and JB.

STOCK TAKE: Group to meet on 7th Feb at 10am.

SPRING CLEAN: Group to meet on 21st Feb at 10am.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE : Storeroom door is in need of attention and may need replacing, the door frame is loose, Paul has fixed it temporarily and is going to look at costings to replace.

Paul suggested using the space under the stage for storage this was agreed on as it will free up space elsewhere.

GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEME Sally reported that this is gradually getting sorted with members being updated and a welcome pack for new comers will be arranged by Joanne, she is also in the process of setting up a bank account.


Cook Book: Is now well under way Mary has done a great job and collected in 60 recipes it will be A4 size with 60 pages and she will do a run of 200 prints at a cost of £1,026, selling at a cost of £10 per copy. She will liaise with the printers to ensure quality/cost/size etc to be ready for the launch on 13th March at the ‘Posh Tea Party’ at 3.30 pm.

Wing Social Event

Will be held on 29th January from 7pm onwards, Sally has distributed the leaflets amongst the members to deliver, Paul will get a backing board sorted for the dart board.

Spring Fair Sunday 20th March , prizes for draw needed, bake off ideas welcome, the cookery book will be sold, lots of stands have been booked plus teas and refreshments.

Queens Birthday Celebration to be held on 12th June with a buffet/BBQ and Jazz -Joanne to book,plus Sunday teas, 12 O’clock start.

Village Teas Help has been an ongoing problem with a few taking on too much work, Joanne suggested that each member take responsibility for a weekend to run the teas and recruit helpers, she will bring along a blank rota to be filled in.

Seniors xmas Lunch Was a huge success, thanks to Paul and all for their help in organising this and to Nick for the raffle prizes. Sara did a great job making only a small profit, giving precious time to the village, a thank you for her hard work to be sent and it was hoped that she would do it again.

Food bill- £218.33– Cost total- £350.

TREASURERS REPORT :The current account stands at £10,500,with the insurance bill having just been paid.

Paul suggested it might be a good idea to change banks as there have been a few complications with regard to the Parish council using the same bank with some confusions occurring recently.

It was agreed that Paul look into this and report back.


Extra Chair initiative, is a system for inviting people who are on their own and may appreciate an invitation to lunch..Joanne will put some thought into how this can be carried forward.

WIFI costs and a possible sharing with the Parish Council. Paul suggested that John could do a presentation in March and will answer any questions concerning the WIFI, it is hoped that it will eventually be self financing.

Steam Mop- Anne reported on advice given that this cannot be used on the wooden floor boards.

HYGIENE RATING SCHEME: RCC is introducing a hygiene ratings scheme for premises serving food, this means there will also be a new requirement for those serving alcohol to be registered. Joanne has given Sally the contact details so we can join, at the moment we are awaiting advice from the newly appointed Health Officer.


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