Minutes 2 November 2015


2 November 2015 at 7:30pm



Action By

1 Apologies KB

Welcome to JO by Skype from USA

2 Meeting Minutes

Confirmed and Signed as a true record

3 Matters Arising (Not covered by the agenda)

  • Documents for Hall Hire updated and placed on line. Approved

  • New Booking Secretary Sarah O Has keys and is happy with process so far. Committee agreed to help with cover if needed. Some discussion re who holds keys for the Village Hall. Paul to circulate list

  • Some discussion re giving preferential hiring rate for regular hirers over occasional hirers. Possible issues, included how to fairly define’ regular’. Would it apply to groups that already enjoy the village rate?. It was agreed that committee should give feedback by e mail to Sally. It would then be revisited for a decision at the next meeting. Paul B to send committee breakdown of monthly payment made by regular users.

4. 100 Club OCTOBER

1st No 93 Fran Towell, Wing . 2nd no 101 Liz Knight Wing

3rd No 6 Chris Thorneloe Wing

5 Health and Safety

Agreed to have a working group early in 2016 to clear out back of stage to see if some chairs can be stored there. Chair stacks are too high and are a hazard at present.

Loft Ladder faulty. ‘Maintenance team ‘to have a look and report back.

4 Chairs with arms have had positive feedback. Agreed to purchase 4 more.

People may wish to sponsor additional chairs with arms.

Ref e mail from Treasurer regarding the need to run the tap in the small hall, JB advised that it had been done for the past 18 months.

Nick taking over monthly checks. Will eventually assume responsibility for H&S

5. Building Maintenance

Disabled loo leaked. Pop and Paul repaired.

External damage caused by teenagers. PCSO Paul Le Pla is attending the next village hall meeting to advise on security and our roles and responsibilities

6. Good Neighbour Scheme

2 requests for assistance, both actioned.

JB beginning work on a Welcome pack for new residents.

7. Events

Cook Book. Mary circulated a draft which was much admired. It was agreed to include a photograph of people who supported Sunday Teas.

Mary asked people to proof read recipes and return them to her ASAP

Hope it will be ready to sell at the Spring Fair. Agreed a formal Launch Event will be planned.

Wing Social Event 27 November. Sarah O has it in hand, will be asking for volunteers. Bring a bottle and a platter of nibbles to share. Games planned.

Seniors Xmas Lunch 13 December. Mary reported that Sara, the caterer has it in hand. PB is collecting names. Good raffle needed to help cover costs. Donations welcome.

Need Volunteers to set out tables, prepare vegetables, serve and clear away.

Mary will coordinate volunteers. Fairy lights need getting out (Back of stage?))

Celebrate Queens 90 Birthday. Agreed it is a good idea. Will decide if to celebrate her birthday in April or her official birthday in June at next committee meting

8. Treasurers Report

Paul circulated a current status report by e mail to all.

To summarise : Closing Account 29 September: Current Account £10,541:55

Deposit Account, £8,155:41

Outgoings include standing orders for utilities; pay cleaner, chair purchase, 100 Club.

And materials for maintenance. (aprox £1,800) Recent deposits £2,744.

Paul reported that he was still having communication problems with HSBC. Parish Council Statements were being sent to him and vice versa. He strongly recommends that we change our bank. He also asked that the signatories on cheques be reduced from 3 to 2. There could be some implecations with the Charity Commissioners if we do this.

Bryan and Richard to ask Sue Awcock (Clerk) to write to HSBC to try to clarify the situation.

They will refer to the original Charity Commissioners Document to check the legality of reducing the number of signatures on a cheque.

9. AOB

Wi Fi Concern was expressed that Paul B and John O had shouldered the cost to date.

Richard and Bryan feel that as it benefits the whole village that the Parish Council should be asked to share the cost. They will ask the Parish Council to pay 50% of the ongoing costs. If agreed Parish Council will pay BT as they can reclaim VAT. Village Hall would pay their share to Parish Council.

Agreed we also need to look at reimbursing some of the costs already incurred . All Agreed

Anne T Suggested we purchase a steam mop for the floors. Agreed it was a good idea. Anne T to ask Welland Floor if a steam mop would damage the wooden floor in the hall. She will report back at the next meeting

10. Date of Next Meeting 11 January 7:30 ( PCSO to be invited)

Birch Good Neighbour Scheme Volunteers will meet 7 January 7:30















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