Minutes 22 February 2016



PRESENT: Sally Cox (Chair), Kaz Burrows, Anne, Mary, Bryan, Nick, Paul B, Paul O. Richard.

APOLOGIES: Joanne Beaver, John Oakley.

MINUTES: Of the last meeting held on 11th January were signed and approved by Sally.


100 CLUB

1st ­ Ken Walsh, 2nd­Robert Birch, 3rd­ Roz King.

The last draw of the year will be held in March, Richard has reported losing a couple of members and will be looking for more members, Mary and Paul O have asked to join and there will be a regular mention in the Parish mag along with the results each month.


A successful clear up of the attic, a lot of old items from years ago were removed all deemed unusable because of general deterioration, there is now a large space for storage although there are still a few things still to be sorted. Thanks to those who helped especially Paul and his trailer. Paul mentioned that he would now store the tool box in the attic. Joanne has completed a list for the stock take in the kitchen/cupboards/store room, there are some items that need replacing, a book is available for any breakages to be noted down.


Nick Knight will be having a meeting with Joanne and Peter Nicholls on 3rd March re advice on Health and Safety in the hall.


Costing of storeroom door in hand Paul has been given an offer of some oak doors that he could possibly use, because of the unusual dimensions he will have to alter to fit. Nick also suggested a carpenter that he has used, Paul will get back with more costs.


As Joanne was not available there was nothing to report except there is a lunch arranged for 13th March for all single elderly residents of the village, this has been advertised and will be held in the Hall, help will be needed.


Cookbook­ The final arrangements are underway Mary is waiting for proof reading and first copy to be checked and then printed they will be launched at the Spring Fair at an approx cost of £15 per copy. Also there are cards to be sold costing £2 each or £10 a pack of 6. Any left will be also sold at the fair. Paul has received £40 so far from sales of the cards. Wing Bake off will be on the same day with a class open to all for the best Swiss roll entry £2, Sarah O’boyle will need plenty of help in kitchen with soups and refreshments.


Sally is to send out a rota for volunteers to commit to at least one weekend through the summer.


To be held on 12th June, it was decided that it would be easier to not go with road closure in the village but to have it all at the hall and on the field with Marquee, Jazz, BBQ (self service) salads to be made to go with BBQ lots of bunting etc and a best crown competition, and those who want to bring a picnic. To commence at Midday with a complimentary glass of fizz to toast the Queen at 1 O’clock. Richard will ask Paul Comben if he can produce some royal themed posters/flyers.

Paul has proposed that on April 1st there should be a village clean-up for the Queen, volunteers will be needed for this.


Paul has recently emailed all members with the latest statements of the accounts, as from Jan 29th the balances of the current account was £11,074.57 and the Deposit Account has £8,156,83. Paul has, after much research, chosen to move from the HSBC to NAT WEST BANK, being the most suited to the Hall’s needs. Paul proposed we move banks as suggested, seconded by Richard. There was a unanimous vote in favour of this happening, it was also agreed that the mandated signatories later, after the move, be reduced from 3/6 to 2/6, this was proposed by Paul and seconded by Sally. The current signatories are: Sally, Richard, Brian, Joanne, Paul, Anne. Paul will also apply to change the name on the account to ‘WING VILLAGE HALL’. Confirmation of this changeover will be obtained from the Parish Council. Changing will enable the treasurer to do Online banking, Pay into Post Office any petty cash and free banking.

Paul has also received £1800 from the electrical suppliers as an over payment of VAT.

The Parish council have requested use of hall for the AGM on 15th April.

Wheelchair­ Charles Thorneloe has kindly offered the hall the wheelchair and zimmer frame used by Chris, it was thought they would come in handy we will look for a good place to store these items. Anne mentioned Manton village Hall mural could we do something similar?


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