Minutes Village Hall Committee 11 Apr 2016


APOLOGIES No Apologies were received.

PRESENT Sally Cox (Chair), Kaz Burrows, Joanne Beaver, Brian Spooner, Paul O,Boyle, AnneThomson,Richard Tulloch, Mary Rodgers, Paul Brewer, John Oakley.

MINUTES were approved and signed by the Chair.

MATTERS ARISING Sadly Pam and Pop Cox are leaving the village and will be resigning from their duties in the hall. The committee will be looking to replace them ASAP, they are keen to leave sooner rather than later, a caretaker/cleaners job descriptions will be drawn up and advertised in the parish magazine/ leafleting etc. The salary should be approx £50 pw this was voted and agreed on unanimously. Sally will go ahead and draw up a job description and email to all members for approval.

The mowing etc is to be done by Richard and Paul interim. Also it was agreed that Pop and Pam should be presented with a gift for their hard work over the years.Paul will continue with payments until they leave.

AGM It was confirmed by Anne Thomson and agreed by the Committee that the Agenda for the AGM on 16 May 2016 is of set format and will be produced by Kaz. Sally will ensure that notice is correctly given to the trustees at least 14 days prior to the AGM as well as being fully advertised. Bryan raised the matter that the charity’s governing document required the trustees to call an AGM in the March of each year. Sally pointed out that this was the trustees’ obligation and not the VH Committee’s. Sally explained that the VH Committee AGM was called by the Chair of the VH Committee in accordance with custom and practice and that she was in the process of requesting documentation (if there is any) for the transfer of duties from the trustees to the VH Committee. Neither Bryan nor Richard were aware of any document transferring the duties. If there are none currently in place then Sally will agree with the trustees a formal written transfer of duties so there is clarity.

Sally then suggested that, as this issue had been raised under the AGM that the Committee discuss the email she had received on 8th April 2016 from Susan Awcock, the Parish Clerk. All Committee members had had an opportunity to review the email and to consider the charity’s governing document that was circulated by email. Sally explained that she was due to meet with Susan Awcock in the next week to discuss the arrangements between the trustees and the charity. The email had raised a number of issues. Firstly, Sally explained that it had raised the question that the trustees were not being furnished with the financial reports they required.

Sally asked Richard and Bryan whether or not they had been providing reports as they were the nominated trustees sitting on the charity’s governing body, the VH Committee. That their role was to report back to the trustees and the VH Committee relied on them fulfilling that role.

Bryan and Richard both confirmed that they did report back. Sally suggested that in future, to avoid confusion, she would suggest to Susan Awcock that minutes of the meetings from the VH

Committee were emailed directly to the trustees via the clerk. Sally did point out that there was complete transparency of the VH Committee as everything was published on the VH website in a timely fashion. Mary raised the fact that she had tried to find Minutes of recent Parish Council meetings on the internet and they were not available.

Sally then moved to the next point raised in the trustee’s email that they are requesting some funding from the VH Committee towards the repair of the play equipment. The trustees were requesting a contribution of £3,000. Sally explained that, under Clause 7 of the charity’s governing document that the Trustee ‘except with the prior written approval of the Commissioners the trustee may not:

 (i) receive any benefit in money or in kind from the charity’. Therefore, the Parish Council were not able to request any money from the Village Hall funds without Charity Commissioner’s agreement in writing.

Secondly, Sally explained that under Clause 4 of the governing body:

(i) The object of the charity is the provision and maintenance of a community centre for use by the inhabitants of the area of benefit without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including for:

(a) meetings, lectures and classes, and

(b) other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation,

With the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants.

Under this clause the charity, VH Committee, were not able to use their funds for anything other than the physical VH building.

The governing document therefore prevented either the trustees or the charity from proceeding as requested by the email of 8th April 2016. Sally did explain that the governing document did not prevent the VH Committee from agreeing to specifically join fund raising activities as long as these were organised by the Parish Council and agreement could be reached to assist fund raising for the playing field equipment. Alternatively the trustees could approach the Charity Commission in writing but this would certainly be a long process. Bryan did explain that there was a deadline for the acceptance of the grant that the Parish Council had applied for and it was agreed that this was a Parish Council issue. Sally said she would progress the response to the email initially through a meeting with the Parish Clerk and keep Bryan and Richard updated

WIFI Feedback

The Wifi provider cannot be changed until September, John is to attend the next PC meeting to explain exactly what is happening.

Joanne is extremely keen to see the outlay costs repaid to both John and Paul as soon as possible with the rest of the committee in full agreement. Joanne proposed a 50/50 split between the PC and the Village Hall, this was seconded by Sally.

COOKBOOK Mary is pleased to report so far £780 has been raised for the Cookbook and cards.

Adrian Cox has very kindly offered to waive the cost of publishing, therefore it was suggested a thank you gift of a print of the Old Hall supplied by Mary to be given.

Advertising will be placed in the Mercury/Library/Parish Mag/Walkers/Uppingham book shop in their history sections.

100 CLUB

Richard is keen to engage more members, numbers are slightly down with renewals coming in slowly, with several new neighbours he is hoping some may sign up.


Nick has arranged an annual inspection meeting on 26th May with Joanne and Peter Nicholls, this is to discuss a risk assessment for the Queen’s Birthday, Nick is doing a great job with H&S.

MAINTENANCE The Marquee was slightly damaged recently due to strong winds, and will need a new bracket at a cost of approx £16, thanks go to Peter, Paul and other members for comingto the rescue.

DOOR Nick is still waiting for quote on this.

DISABLED PARKING This is still an outstanding job, Paul has the paint but is waiting for a template.

GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEME Nothing to report at present.

The inaugural Sunday lunch was enjoyed by 10 guests and proved to be something well worth continuing with in the future, Joanne and her helpers worked very hard to make the lunch special for those villagers living by themselves. Joanne is also working on producing a welcome pack for any the new families moving into the village, using one of Marys cards to go in the pack.

EVENTS QUEENS birthday celebration 12th June with BBQ run by Brian and Richard, Helen and Richard will do the bar. No cost just donations with a prize for the best decorated crown. Richard Tulloch will be the MC.

Paul Comben will be asked if he can produce some tickets.

Joanne has informed people that funds raised from refreshments from the spring fair would be used.

Manpower needed to put up the marquee preferably on the Saturday morning.

SUNDAY TEAS All weekends are now covered by volunteers apart from 26th June,24th

July,and 7th August. The season will commence with the QB Party weekend on 12th June.

TREASURER’S REPORT As per the attached print out of finances, in general they seem to very healthy at present with not too many large outgoings, these will be put on the website.

FUTURE PLANS Suggestions to improve the garden at the rear of hall, a new floor in meeting area were put forward, Paul is at present negotiating with a company to provide cheaper electricity and will report back. John commented on possible heat loss in hall discovered by a friends infrared camera, insulation could be difficult, moving on committee need to look at areas that may need attention and to canvas opinion.



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