Neighbourhood Plan

Wing Parish Council has made application to Rutland County Council for Designating the Wing Parish, as indicated on the featured Plan, as an area for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council Resolutions related to this process from the 29th March Meeting are also set out herein. Rutland County Council will be conducting its own public consultation processes as required by law.

The Wing Parish Council has established, through its local call for volunteers, a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group as a Sub-committee of the Parish Council. The Steering Group will take a lead in the formulation of such plan through the involvement and consultation of all residents, businesses, employers, and landowners within the proposed Designated Area – the Parish of Wing.

Over the coming months, assuming that the Designation is approved by Rutland County Council, there will be an ongoing opportunity for you to express your views and contribute your knowledge and expertise to the Plan’s formulation. This is an important project for the future of our community and the final Draft Plan will be the subject of a local referendum as required by law.

Local contacts are; Nicky Lyttelton, Chair of the Steering Group, Joanne Beaver, Vice-Chair Steering Group, Angela Harding, Secretary Steering Group, Richard Tulloch, Chair Parish Council, John Dejardin, Parish Councillor Lead on NP, David Seviour, Parish Councillor Lead on NP.

E-mail addresses for formal contacts are;

Steering Group –  

Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit (final version June 17)

 Neighbourhood Plan Resolutions

  1. It is Resolved that Wing Parish Council note the Progress Report and the enthusiasm expressed by local residents to be involved in the formulation of a Neighbourhood Plan,
  2. It is Resolved that Wing Parish Council write to Rutland County Council to seek Designation of the Parish Boundary for a Neighbourhood Plan (standard letter attached as Appendix V),
  3. It is Resolved that Wing Parish Council enter into a Service Level Agreement with Rutland County Council (as attached at Appendix IV), and Authorize the Chair of the Parish Council to sign such Agreement on behalf of the Parish Council,
  4. It is Resolved that Wing Parish Council establish a Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee (to be known as ‘The Wing Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’) on the standard terms of reference as attached as Appendix III,
  5. It is Resolved that Wing Parish Council Approve the consolidated list of volunteers (attached as Appendix VI) coming from the local recruiting exercises as the start-up basis of Steering Group Membership (in addition to the three nominated Parish Councillors), and receive subsequent reports for Membership changes for Approval as may be necessary from time to time – all such Appointments being conditional on receipt of individual volunteer self-certification of meeting the Electoral Commission’s Qualifying Conditions for Parish Council activity,
  6. It is Resolved that Wing Parish Council Endorse the Steering Group’s election of Chair and Vice-Chair as will be reported to the Meeting on the 29th March,
  7. It is Resolved that Wing Parish Council Note that Steering Group Members are subject to the Parish Council Code of Conduct and its Equality Policy,
  8. It is Resolved that the nominated Parish Councillors to the Steering Group report further on the Steering Group’s programme and priorities for execution of work after its Members have had time to consider ‘vision’, ‘priorities’ and ‘work programme’,
  9. It is Resolved that the Parish Clerk in consultation with the three nominated Parish Councillors and the Steering Group Chair, be Authorized to submit grant funding applications to RCC/Government consistent with initial deliberations under 7 above.



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