The Way We Were

This is page is for individual photos and events connected with the village. Details are usually lost in the mists of time. If anyone has any details of the photos please email and we will add them to the photos – or just add the details in the comment section at the bottom of this page.


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Paul Brewer

We persuaded  Paul Brewer to give up his sea-faring ambitions and become our Community Centre Manager. But it could have gone either way. See his story here.





And John Oakley gave up a promising career as a rock ‘n roll star to settle down ( more or less ) in Wing as the husband of Judith Oakley, sister of the much-loved Sheila Casey and become Editor of the website.

Double Diamonds – John Oakley in the centre – with hair.

Sheila Casey (aged 4) helps her mother Connie clean the fields after the harvest.
Sheila Casey’s mother and her siblings Doris, Connie, Archie, Elsie and Bertha at their father’s farm in Cotesbach in 1906
Jan Hollowell, Janet Birch, Joanne Beaver, Shiela Love, Brenda Spooner.
Joanne always did the concert and pantomime make up. This year, Jan, Janet, Brenda, Shiela, volunteered to help. I think it was for Puss in Bootly, mid 80s I guess.
WI Choir at Wing Hall in 1980



A very young Sheila Casey
Sheila Casey aged 3 months 1933



This is a list of events that involved the village or people from the village.


And Some Events

Erecting the marquee for the Spring Fair – 2016

The Hogarths Leave – 2015

Planting Trees In The Playing Field (1988?)



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