Minutes 8 June 2015


PRESENT: Sally (Chair), Kaz, Anne, Joanne, Mary, Bryan, John, Nick, Paul B, Paul O.

APOLOGIES: Richard.Tulloch

A warm welcome was given to Gordon Rolland who very kindly attended the meeting to give a report on the accounts with a few recommendations for future improvements and changes in order to assist Paul with his job as treasurer. He also spoke about the responsibilities of the committee with regard to accounting procedures.

Gordon is happy to continue advising and assisting with the accounts as and when needed.

(See review attached.)

As Sally takes over a huge thank you to Joanne for all her hard work over the years from Sally and all on the committee, she will be a hard act to follow and has done an amazing job.

MINUTES: Of the last meeting held on 13th May were signed and approved by Sally.


Online booking system: Judith Oakley has been our temporary bookings clerk and doing a great job with John and Brian working on an online bookings system, Hallmaster online booking system seems to be used by most halls in the area it needs to be easy to use with links to all various areas with bookings and website merged, also easy to update certain topics, Joanne has kindly offered the services of her son Justin to help/guide with WordPress which is free of cost. To run the website will cost approx £180 per year.

Brian and John have both offered to set this up up as soon as possible.

100 CLUB

As Richard is away this will be announced at the next meeting.


Pauls report is attached, Sally is to ask Gordon to look at online banking and to look at new/easier ways of paying moneys into accounts ie petty cash.

Joanne has banked £320 from 3 weeks of teas.


Music evening at The Old Hall 20th June all tickets have been sold Paul/Archie and Brian to assist with the Marquee, Sally will circulate a timetable.

Jazz in the Park 28th June: Marquee to be put up on Friday 26th helpers needed. Tickets are slow to be sold hoping there will be a last minute surge.

Food- burgers,sausages, ice creams, and a bar, or picnics if wished,the Sunday teas will run as normal.

RIDE AND STRIDE 12TH SEPTEMBER Brian and Richard to do Burgers.


Paul sent round a copy of the recent report for the committee members to read through, outlining the priority areas flagged up by the recent H & S report. Joanne is also concerned about the health and safety to members of the committee undertaking repair work. Sally has had a quote of £500 to carry out all the outstanding works with the slabs outside being a priority, all agreed that this should go ahead,There was a unanimous vote in favour of this work going ahead, proposed by Joanne and seconded by Mary ,there were two objections from Richard and Paul Brewer. It was suggested by Sally that anyone on the committee doing repairs in the hall should in future sign an indemnity

Stacking chairs – these should be stored in small stacks to prevent them from toppling over.

Joanne also mentioned that all documents re health and safety are advisory not mandatory.


The new Clerk to the Parish Council would like to use the post room as an office and would like to have a proper letter box put up for all mail, the Parish council will cover the cost for this, all in favour.

Mary suggested that an idea for a village cookery book would be good and she and Mick will take on this project and will be asking for contributions of favourite recipes,with help from WI also, Sally has offered to help with the publishing. Proceeds will go towards the village hall. Joanne will put a notice in the Parish magazine for any ideas and mentioned that it was a lovely idea.



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