Chairman’s Report 2015


Good evening. Thank you for coming to support the AGM

Traditionally Thanks are given at the end of a report, when people are maybe beginning to nod off so I am reversing the trend and putting thank yous first where I believe they belong !

Thank you to my hard working committee and many friends who have willingly given their time to support fundraising activities and make sure that events are successful. People don’t realise how much effort goes into staging events,,

Peter Cox for keeping the hall so beautiful and willingly helping to set up for events.

Helen and Richard for bar duties and so much more

Thank you to our hardworking booking secretary Chris, of 5 years She has done a splendid job. Stepping down this year for a well deserved break, thank you Chris we will really miss you,

Although not a member of the committee, I must pay tribute to Jeanette, soon to leave the village, she will leave a large gap in the life of our village. Coffee morning Czar, Quilting, WI, Lunches, Funeral Teas. , she did so much to make our Sunday teas such a huge success, I hope we can build on her work and keep them running I Know we all wish Jeanette and Richard every happiness in their new home, their new neighbours are lucky to have them,

My late husband Peter always believed that if you wanted to part people from their money, you had to make it enjoyable, it was this belief that drove the many fundraising activities, that resulted in the purchase of this building from the church in the 1970s

Your village hall committee have put on a varied number of events over the past year.

Centre Stage events continue to be very popular, thanks to John Hackett for a varied programme of events, from wonderful musical entertainment to one man shows. Watch out for future events

Jazz in the Park was enjoyed by the discerning people who attended. The Happy Jazz Band built a whole new fan base.

By popular demand, they are returning on Sunday 28 June for another lunchtime event … book the date now…. it is great fun.

The table top sale in November organised by Kaz had a good mix of stalls but sadly was poorly attended.

Undaunted we held a Spring Fair, Masterminded by Sarah, it was enjoyed by both stallholders and visitors The Spring Fair hosted a new innovation, a cake baking competition Thanks to Sarah and Naomi for planning such an enjoyable day and congratulations to Debbie Whight, Wing’s first Queen of Cakes,

Sarah is already planning a Christmas event .. watch this space !

John Oakley masterminded the introduction of WiFi to the village Hall, backed up by a programme of computer training sessions. Unfortunately the sessions had to be put on hold as John suffered a stroke. It is really good to see him becoming increasingly mobile. The WiFi is available to residents.

Sunday Teas should be an enjoyable fundraiser, unfortunately last year poor support resulted in only being able to run them for a limited number of Sundays. Thank you to the faithful group of people, you know who you are, who willingly baked and served the teas

I am hoping that we can run the teas from May Bank holiday, 24 May, through to the end of august. There are still some gaps , full training will be given …… !!!     please join in, it is fun.

In past years we have raised in excess of £1.000, last year we achieved around £450. I have high hopes that we can smash that in 2015

Sally and a team of willing helpers organised a Christmas Childrens Party and a Teen Disco   Both events proved very popular

The Village Hall Committee, led by Sally have introduced a good neighbour scheme to the village, it is currently work in progress but should be launched this summer. We decided to use a bequest made by the Birch Family to fund the start up of the scheme, hence its name   The Birch Good Neighbour Scheme,

The hall

The whole point of our fundraising activity is to maintain the Hall in the good condition that you see. Through a programme of redecorating and refurbishment we care for the fabric of this old building. This year, masterminded by Paul Brewer, we have changed to more cost effective lighting. Peter Nichols of ESS helps me to maintain a reasonable level of safety. He produces risk assessments and conducts an annual safety audit. Which enables us to produce an annual action plan of essential works. Amongst other things on the agenda for this year is a dedicated disabled parking space.

You will be hearing from our treasurer Paul next. I just wanted to Thank Gordon Rolland for examining our accounts, Thank You Gordon.


Thank You for coming tonight, I look forward to seeing you again at future events

Joanne Beaver 2015


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