Some views of the hall

2015-06-27 07.16.15 copy
The front lawn
2015-06-27 07.15.50 copy
The main entrance
2015-06-27 07.15.33 copy
The entrance hall
2015-06-27 07.14.28 copy
The main hall looking towards the stage
2015-06-27 07.13.45 copy
The main hall looking towards the back
2015-06-27 07.12.05 copy
The office
2015-06-27 07.11.52 copy
The dining room
2015-06-27 07.11.32 copy
The dining room with the office behind
2015-06-27 07.11.20 copy
The kitchen
2015-06-27 07.11.00 copy
The kitchen
2015-06-27 07.10.51 copy
Steps to the car park ( there is a ramp too )
2015-06-27 07.08.02 copy
The entrance driveway
2015-06-27 07.07.47 copy
The car park
2015-06-27 07.12.53 copy
The ladies restroom
2015-06-27 07.12.37 copy
The disabled toilet
Village Hall Kitchen 1
Village Hall Dining Room
“Dining Room”
Main Hall f
Another view of the main hall. Preparing for a meal.
Office A
View into office from door.
Office B
View into office looking back at the earlier shot.


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