Treasurers Report 2015

Treasurers Report June 2015


From latest (May) bank statements.  

Current Acc                Deposit acct                Petty cash

£ 9,196                          £ 8,152                           £ 0

Less un-presented cheques        £744         £ 8,452

Total £16,604

The Village Hall Deposit account stands at £8,000. It earned circa £6.00 last year and in the type of account it is in it will never earn anything like a market rate. I suggest we investigate lodging this money in an account where a better rate of interest is paid.

Banking arrangements for the Village Hall are apparently designed to maximise bank profits whilst keeping the treasurer in the dark. There is no possibility; it appears, of getting online access, even read only, of our accounts. I suggest we should consider doing something to improve this state of affairs.

Paul Brewer

June 2015


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