Treasurers Report September 2015

Wing Village Hall

Treasurers Report  September 2015

Paul Brewer

HSBC Deposit Account             £ 8,153.97          (March 2015 £8,152.53)

HSBC Current Account             £10,129.12         (March 2015 £5,668.90)

Major Items I am aware of but not yet shown on the statements,

Hall Hire +£721         Water Bill – £186.32 = +£534.68.

I appreciate the committee is short of time with this meeting but I would ask them to consider reducing the number of signatures from 3 of 5 to 2 of what ever. Considerable running around is often required to get a cheque validated. Holding partially pre signed cheques is of course not proper practice.

Please be aware that we need someone to replace Judith Oakley as booking clerk soon.

WiFi.     At the moment I am paying for the Hall WiFi from my personal bank account. It really should be paid by the Parish Council so that VAT can be reclaimed. An agreement was made that first two years were to be paid for by John Oakley and Myself and the committee may decide to drop the facility at the end of this term, however, it seems wasteful not to claim back taxes and perhaps set the payment system up as it would be if the committee decide to keep the WiFi Facility.


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