What It Means for You

good_neighbours_from_wrvsGood Neighbour Schemes, not to be confused with Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, are in operation throughout the British Isles.

There are thousands of volunteers who have formed Good Neighbour Schemes with just a few volunteers to much larger groups which have several dozen people willing to give up their time to help people in their local community.

Much, but not all, of the volunteer help is directed towards elderly and disabled people. People who are isolated, are unable to get out and may just need a friend.

The actual tasks carried out by the Good Neighbour Schemes may vary but generally they will help with:

  • Giving lifts to the doctors, dentist and to the hospital.*
  • Collection of pensions, prescriptions, posting letters, etc.
  • Checking and replacement of smoke alarm batteries.
  • Dealings with correspondence, helping with the shopping and light gardening.
  • If you have a pet, you may get help with giving them exercise.

*There is usually a charge made for the petrol e.g. 35p-40p per mile.

 Contact details 07539707623


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