WI Tree Planting

Ninety years ago the WING branch of the WOMEN’S INSTITUTE (WI) was formed.

To celebrate this fact the Branch decided to plant a tree on the recreation ground.

Below are some photos taken on the day to record the event. It is hoped to get more up if people will send their photographs to either John or myself (Paul)


Gloria, Richard and assistant Mary with the new tree.


Dennis was heard to shout “where is this tea you were talking about?” The technical term for this manoeuvre is “Sloping Off”, an old Indian Army Slang.


As Richard was saying “now that crowd has shoved off we can do the proper work”

After the tree planting and the posing for the worlds press, those members who were able to attend, adjourned to the Village Hall for tea and other comestibles.

Here are some shots taken by your roving reporter, it is hoped some better illustrations will be sent in by readers later.

To demonstrate what a little training can do just compare these two shots.

No. 1. Well fed and watered, somewhat satisfied but could do better.


No. 2. After a fifteen minute pep talk and an explanation of facial muscles.

Why does Sheila say I go on a lot?


The camera I was using for the occasion is one regularly used by the police to catch out opportunist thieves. I forgot to turn that feature off and you see what technology can do today. Not only can it tell when the subject is smiling, it can snap the odd opportunist, in this case of course the camera was mistaken, I just hope it does not automatically write out tickets when I take it back to the station.


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