Wing Village Hall Alcohol Policy

The licensing law requires that there is a licence for the sale of alcohol at all events. You are selling alcohol if:

  • You are charging for alcoholic drinks at any event

  • If the event is ticketed and you are providing a free drink. (This is seen as selling as the cost is included in the ticket price and or the organisation providing the alcohol is providing the free drink).

  • If the event has an entrance charge and you are providing a free drink.

A licence is not required when:

  • The event is free and drink is provided for free. ( for example a family wedding or party where alcohol is not charged for).

  • If people bring their own drink with them to consume on the premises.

  • If alcohol is donated by an individual (not an organisation charging for entrance).

A Temporary Event Notice:

  • For most functions selling alcohol an application for a ‘Temporary Event Notice’ (TENS) is required. Applications are made via Rutland County Council under alcohol licensing and TENs. The current cost is £21 per licence. Please ensure you post applications off well before your event as you MUST have the licence before the event.

  • Prior to applying for a licence please make the Village Hall Booking Secretary aware as there is a limit on the amount of TENs licences a venue can apply for in any 12 month period.

  • The Booking Secretary must have a copy of the licence prior to the event and the licence must be displayed at the event.

  • The person who applied for the TENs, named on the application is legally responsible for the sale of alcohol.

The Village Hall Licence:

The Village Hall is licenced for the sale of alcohol. If alcohol is for sale, the relevant box must be completed in the Hiring Agreement as confirmation of responsibility by the Hirer. The Village Hall licence is only permitted by the licencsing authority to be used when the trust have granted permission for its use and a trust member is on site for the entire time alcohol is being sold. When the hall licence is used the trustees are legally responsible for the sale and for this reason the Booking Secretary must be made aware so that the correct licensing advice can be provided.

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