Wing Village Hall Kitchen Health and Safety

Kitchen Duties

Opening Checks

Check dishwasher is on

Fridges and freezers are working properly

Other equipment is working properly (eg oven, dishwasher)

Staff are fit for work and wearing clean work clothes and a clean apron Food preparation areas are clean (work surfaces, equipment, utensils etc)

There are plenty of handwashing and cleaning materials (soap, paper towels, cloths)

Closing checks

No food is left out, packages are closed, packs are date-labelled.

Food past its ‘use by’ date has been thrown away

Cloths have been removed and replaced with clean ones

Waste has been removed and new bags put into the bins

Sinks are clean and disinfected

All surfaces are clean and disinfected

Cooks are responsible for leaving the kitchen clean and sanitised after cooking.

Afternoon volunteers help by finishing clearing up the dishes and plates from the dining room.


Please take home any fresh leftovers eg cream, eggs, cheese etc.

The dishwasher does not wash – it is a steriliser. Therefore all cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery etc must be rinsed and washed clean before going in the machine.

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