Coffee Bottles and Biscuit Box.

Some time after 5 July and before the 9th of July someone removed the Thursday Coffee Morning bottles of coffee and the plastic biscuit storage box. These were kept openly in the cupboards down at the Hall Kitchen. They were not labelled so there could be grounds for a plea of mitigation. If anyone saw anything suspicious or someone furtively moving in the area of the hall, please Report what you saw to Paul Brewer, the new coffee morning supremo. It looks as if there will have to be locks fitted to all the cupboards and perhaps a body search of people using the hall. Storage of personal items in the hall may also have to be reviewed. Since posting this note it has been discovered that the Sweeteners have also been taken to a new home. So it would appear we are looking for a furtive person who drinks coffee and likes it sweet.

Jeanette has gone. Life carries on, but under new management.

 We preferred it as it was, no arguments, always plenty of biscuits and no sign of sneaky coffee thieves. Things are getting so bad even the Vicar has decided to leave.

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