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Ride + Stride 2015

Ride + Stride

Rutland Ride+Stride is a sponsored event for cyclists, joggers, walkers and horse riders. The event is held in Rutland once every two years in order to raise money for the preservation of the county’s beautiful and ancient church buildings: some 64 of which will be open on Saturday 12th September 2015.

Participants challenge themselves to visit as many churches as they can by their chosen mode of transport and at the same time raise money to support the work of the Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust. Whilst many of our participants choose to walk or cycle we welcome anyone who is willing to take on a personal challenge. Horse riders are welcome and we’d love to see a unicyle or three-legged team!

If you are interested in taking part then see the details here. (Opens a new window)

This year for the first time the not-so-mobile can take part.

Ride+Stride for the ‘Not so Mobile’

Why should those folks who are not so mobile not be able to take part in Ride + Stride? Since 2013, you have been able to use cars (or minibuses and such like) to be driven to churches in Rutland. All you then have to do is walk the short distance up the church path, or use your wheelchair, to sign in at churches you visit.

The use of cars is NOT for those who are normally capable of cycling, running or walking. We intend this category to be for those who are elderly or disabled in some way and may be driven by relatives, friends, care home staff, volunteers, etc. The driver should be able to assist you and will wait for you while you sign in before taking you to the next village.

What to do next:

  1. Follow the instructions above to register for the event
  2. Find someone who will transport you (plus a few not so mobile friends)
  3. Get generous sponsorship from your family and friends
  4. If you really can’t take part on the day, sponsor someone else.

For further details about ‘Not So Mobile’ participation please contact Mr Richard Foulkes on 01572 722192 or email:

Half of what participants raise in sponsorship will be re-allocated specifically to their nominated church (if any) and the other half to the funds of the Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust for general use on churches/chapels in the county of Rutland.

Morcott Tip

You may or may not have noticed that the Morcott Civic Amenities site at Morcott is no longer open all hours. It has been decided to close it to the public on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Until further notice the site will only be opened for a long weekend i.e. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

  • April to September: 10am to 6pm
  • October to March: 11am to 5pm.

Wing Goes Digital

Some time ago you may, as a resident of Wing, have received a card through your door announcing the switchover to digital TV.

What does this mean?

Here at Wing we mostly get our television signals from the WALTHAM transmitter which is just outside Melton Mowbray. If you can see your TV aerial it will be pointing towards Oakham or about 30 degrees West of North.

You don’t need to do anything until 17th of August 2012. If by then, you don’t have a digital TV then you won’t have any TV at all because Waltham will go all digital on that date.

If you have a digital TV or a digi box it will need a re tune to get the new channels and frequencies that will be transmitted from that date. Probably a complete, or as usually called, “Installation set up” will be the best option.

You may find you cannot get all the channels probably because you’re Aerial is still tuned to the old analogue part of the band. If you have not yet had a new, so called digital aerial fitted then wait till the Waltham transmitter has switched over. There will be much stronger signals after August so you may not need to do anything.

If you have any problems, and you live in Wing, feel free to contact Paul Brewer for some free advice.

Since we went digital some residents of Wing have had strange effects on their televisions. The easiest way to identify if you have a problem is the BBC 1 local news. This should be BBC East Midlands but can sometimes be Look North or some other region’s transmision.

The technical reason is that your set is picking up signals from stations other than Waltham. When it does an Auto Tune it sticks the first BBC1 transmision into channel 1 slot in the set. When the tuning gets to another BBC1 it may, depending on the TV, be unable to use slot 1 so may store it in a strange channel like 401 etc. etc.

If this is your problem then you will need to do a “Manual Tune”. When you do a manual tune you will be prompted for channel numbers. For Wing (Waltham) you use the following channels only.

26,    29,    31,    37,    49,    54,    56,    57,    58,

Correct as of June 2015