Parish Councillors

Wing Parish Council contact details

Clerk: Martin Field

(Mobile 07724 812 359)


Temporary Chair: Bryan Spooner. Wing Lodge, Middle Street, Wing.


Telephone 01572 737281

John Bryan Spooner – Register of Interests

David Seviour.  Dove Cottage, Middle Street, Wing.

Email: davidseviour33@gmail.comTelephone: Mobile 07792540833

David Seviour – Register of Interests

John Dejardin.  Wing Well, Top Street, Wing.


Telephone:  01572 737788, Mobile: 0778 9436788

John Dejardin – Register of Interests

Wendy Newsham. 15, Middle Street, Wing.


Telephone: 0790 3333152

Wendy Newsham – Register of Interests

Lyndon Curley. Wing Hall, Wing, LE15 8RQ


Telephone: 0207 2611950, Mobile: 07919 074322

Lyndon Curley – Register of Interests

Tony Clark. 8 Reeves Lane, Wing.

Telephone: 01572 737511

Anthony Clark – Register of Interests

3 thoughts on “Parish Councillors”

  1. Hi
    Could we have photos of the parish councillors on this page, this would help us newer members of the village to identify everyone.

    many thanks


      1. Wendy, your suggestion has been enthusiastically welcomed. We have it hand for the Parish Council and the Village Hall Management Committee. It’s the holiday season but when we have contact but when we have all the photos we’ll post them.



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