Wing Neighbourhood Plan progress

The Parish Council has established a Working Group to research and prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Wing, in accordance with Government guidelines for such plans.

In order to submit a Neighbourhood Plan evidence must be drawn together for the views of the village and in support of its proposals. Consultation is central to the process.

To date the Working Group has produced the following documents that have been formally received and adopted by the Parish Council, which will be submitted in support of the plan (hopefully in 2021):

1. Directory of Listed Buildings in Wing
This is a painstaking photographic record of the many listed buildings in Wing. They are described in detail and their history is recorded. This is an invaluable record of the history and development of the village. This can be viewed at 

2. Directory of Non Listed Houses in Wing
This directory is a photographic record of housing in the village from the nineteenth century onwards. Each house is put within its historical context and the result is a record of the architectural diversity within the village. This can be viewed at

3 . Wing Village Design Guide
The village design guide draws the two directories together but in addition looks at the architectural details of the houses. Roofs, windows, walls, gables and chimneys are recorded and put into their historical context. This will serve as a guide for future housing developments as it clearly illustrates the vernacular of Wing which should influence any future construction. This can be viewed at

4. Housing Needs Analysis
This is a detailed analysis of the housing results of the Wing residents questionnaire. It brings together the aspects that residents find important and wish to preserve as well as views of the future development that may be needed. This can be viewed below.

5. Landscape Character Assessment
The village questionnaire demonstrated the importance of the landscape to the vast majority of Wing residents, both adult and children. This landscape assessment uses Natural England’s best practice guidelines to give us a comprehensive review of Wing Parish. It is well evidenced and illustrated and gives us detailed recommendations for future preservation of the environment. This can be viewed below.

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