The (Almost) Final Vulcan Flight

vulcanWing residents were treated to an historic event Sunday 4th October at about 5pm. The last of the Vulcan bombers and one of the planes that flew all the way to the Falkland Islands to bomb the runway at Port Stanley did it’s (almost) final impromptu display over the Rutland Water area. It was accompanied by a small plane taking photos of its last flight.

After circling 4 or 5 times it headed for its final touch down at Robin Hood airport near Leeds. It was clearly seen from Wing in a lovely autumn evening sky.

Stop Press: We’ve just been told it will be doing another flight this weekend and possibly another last flight before the end of October. Watch this space…

Stop Stop Press: The Vulcan will fly over the eastern edge of Rutland Water at 13:04 on Sunday 11th October