Police and Crime Commissioner Results


DULY ELECTED: BACH, Willy – The Labour Party

The PCC elections used the Supplementary Voting system, where voters were able to choose a first preference candidate and a second preference candidate.

When the first preference votes had been counted, no candidate had an overall majority (more than 50%). This meant the second preference votes for the top two candidates – Willy Bach and Neil Durban Bannister – were counted. First preference and second preference votes for these two candidates were then added together and the candidate with the most total votes won the election.

Results of first preference vote count: 

BACH, Willy – 67,991 votes NO OVERALL MAJORITY
BANNISTER, Neil Durban – 46,958 votes NO OVERALL MAJORITY
HILL, Sarah – 19,359 votes NO OVERALL MAJORITY

Result of second preference vote count (for Willy Bach and Neil Bannister only):

BACH, Willy – 10,197 votes
BANNISTER, Neil Durban – 11,347 votes

Total number of first and second preference votes: 

BACH, Willy – 78,188 votes
BANNISTER, Neil Durban – 58,305 votes

Overall turnout: 20.25%

How Rutland Voted

Result of first preference vote count:  

BACH Willy – 1,115 votes
BANNISTER, Neil Durban – 2,628 votes
HILL, Sarah – 880 votes
SPRASON, David – 683 votes

Result of second preference vote count (for Willy Bach and Neil Bannister only):

BACH, Willy – 445 votes
BANNISTER, Neil Durban – 571 votes

Total first preference and second preference votes:

BACH, Willy – 1,560 votes
BANNISTER, Neil Durban – 3,199 votes

Rutland Turnout: 19.03%

We would like to thank the outgoing commissioner Sir Clive Loader, one of our own, for his hard work and dedication to the role.