Rural Watch Update July

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Rural Watch Update – July 2016

Security of homes and building sites is often an issue around this time of the year. To prevent your chances of becoming a victim of this type of crime please consider the following measures:
  • When installing new windows and doors make sure they are certified to British Standard BS 7950 (windows) or PAS 24-1 (doors). However, these standards do change, please see for regular updates.
  • Make sure you lock all of your doors and windows before leaving the house. Also, avoid leaving your keys anywhere near the front door, under doormats, in plant pots, letterboxes; burglars know where to look!
  • Empty homes are more likely to be targeted by burglars so try to make your house look occupied when you are out. You can set an automatic timer to switch on a light or the radio to do so.
  • If you are away on holiday or for a longer period of time, make sure to cancel any newspapers or milk deliveries as they could gather up and make the property look empty. You could perhaps ask a neighbour, friend or relative for help by asking them to clear your post and check on the house daily.
  • It is worth installing a visible alarm or camera equipment as they act as a deterrent from possible burglars.
  • Try to permanently mark your belongings so that your details are visible to anyone, including the police, to find and identify them. It can also make it more difficult for the thief to dispose of the stolen goods.
  • Block off easy access points to the back and sides of your house by installing locked gates, a trellis and tall fencing or walls, at least two metres tall. Also, use strong padlocks for your sheds and garages.
  • Consider automatic security lighting as they can be used to make offenders feel vulnerable and observed.
  • Make sure that the front of your home is visible to passers-by. Be sure to remove and secure items that may be used to break in or climb up (i.e.: ladders, chairs and garden tools).
  • Be aware of bogus callers by using your spy hole and a door chain. Ask for identification if you are unsure and only let them in if you are satisfied.
  • Be wary of door step callers or salespeople interested in your existing and future security arrangements. They could be a possible burglar and are targeting your property.
  • Work with your neighbours and community members by keeping an eye on each other’s security, Neighbourhood Watch groups can provide this help.
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