Emergency Planning – it’s everybody’s business

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Prepared Week 2016 – 10th to 14thOctober
Emergency Planning – it’s everybody’s business
Resources for clubs, groups, classes and home

Residents, communities, local businesses and schools all have a part to play in preparing themselves and reaching out to others who might need help in times of emergency. Emergency responders will always take the lead in assisting those worst affected but resilient communities can do much to help themselves when adversity strikes and to recover faster after the worst has passed.
To mark this year’s LLR Prepared Week we have prepared a package of resources designed for use in club meetings, as part of school and training curricula and by individuals at home – all with the aim of helping people think about a range of different emergency scenarios and the actions they can take to improve their own personal and their community’s resilience.
And because it’s that time of year, we’re also asking – Are you ready for Winter? Simply follow the link below:

Emergency Planning – it’s everybody’s business

Pit your wits                         Quizzes to test your knowledge and preparedness
What would you do?          Scenarios and group discussion exercises
Take a look                           Video clips and links to articles of interest